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America Canada Brazil and Argentina

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What are the 4 largest countries in the western hemisphere?

North America, Canada, Brazil and Argentina (not in specific order)

List of the seven largest countries in order by area?

# Russia - Largest country in the world. # Canada - Largest country in the Western Hemisphere. # United States - Longest border with one other country. # China - Largest all-Asian country. # Brazil - Largest country in South America. # Australia - Largest country in the Southern Hemisphere. # India - Third-largest country in Asia.

What 3 countries have the largest land area in western Europe?

France, Spain, and Sweden in that order.

What are the continents in alphabetical order on the western hemisphere?

North America, South America

Guaranteed independence of western hemisphere from European interference?

President Monroe set out to stop European interferences in the Western Hemisphere by issuing an Executive order. The Executive order was called the Monroe Doctrine, which stopped Europe from colonizing or interfering with any country in the Americas.

What are the largest countries in the Americas?

Canada, Brazil, and the US, in that order.

Why did the United States practice imperialism in the early 20th century?

in order to preserve democracy in the western hemisphere

Corollary in a sentence?

Roosevelt's Corollary stated that if any nation in the Western Hemisphere was threatened that the U.S. would get involved in order to keep Europe out of our Hemisphere. Hope that helped.

What are 5 countries located in western Africa?

Five countries that are part of Western Africa are [in no particular order] Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Côte D'Ivoire, and Ghana.

What three countries have the largest populations?

China, India, United States (in that order)

What the three largest countries in North America?

In order, Canada, US and Mexico.

What are the three largest countries in the north America?

They are in order, Canada, USA and Mexico.

What is euador Columbia and Brazil in order form largest to smallest?

Brazil is the largest country listed. Next in order of size is Columbia. Ecuador is the smallest of the three countries.

Which are the 5 Largest countries in the world?

in order, russia, Canada, the us, china, and Australia

What are all the countries in order from largest to smallest by population?

Check out Wikipedia's page on the subject.

Where is Germany in order of size of all the countries?

Germany is the 62nd largest country in the world

What are the larger countries in south America?

Brazil, Argentina, and Peru are the three largest, in that order.

How is Pope Francis a pope of firsts?

Pope Francis is the first member of the Jesuit order to be elected as pope, the first pope from the Western Hemisphere, the first pope from the Southern Hemisphere and the first pope from the Americas.

Who toured western Europe for ideas on modernizing his nation and invaded other countries in order to secure warm-water ports?

Who toured western Europe for ideas on modernizing his nation and invaded other countries in order to secure warm-water spots

The four largest countries in order are russiacanadachina and the us the fifth largest country is located in south America what is it?

Brazil! You should have checked an atlas!

Which are the five largest countries in the world geographically?

The largest country in the world is Russia, followed by Canada, China, the United States and Brazil in that order.

Which five countries have the largest Muslim population?

Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Egypt, in that order.

What is the order of these from smallest to largest - country state hemisphere continent?

A state as a governmental division is the smallest, followed by country, which is part of a continent (usually one of 7), which is part of a hemisphere (any of 4 for the Earth).

Which countries are not located in central America?

I will answer this in order to clarify the wrong notion that "Central America" is a continent. The Western Hemisphere has only two continents: North America & South America. The most southern country in North America is Panama. The confusion lies with the "look" of the geography. What I mean by that is that the small string of countries south of Mexico, namely Belize, Honduras. Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, & Panama, because they "seem" to be a separate part of the Western Hemisphere are called "Central America" . That name is a informal one, not a real geographic reality.

What three countries are a part of the island of Borneo?

Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, in order of percentage from largest to smallest.

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