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What are the functions of speech?

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  • It is the way of communicating with others.

  • It serves as the communication in school, at home and other places we are communicating.

  • It is hte best way of communicating with others.

There are 6 known functions of speech:

  1. Expressive utterances express the speaker's feelings e.g. I feel great today.
  2. Directive utterances attempt to get someone to do something, e.g. clean the table.
  3. Referential utterances provide information, e.g. It is nine o'clock.
  4. Metalinguistic utterances comment on language itself, e.g. "context" is a sociolinguistic term.
  5. Poetic utterances focus on aesthetic features of language, e.g. a poem, a rhythm, etc.
  6. Phatic utterances express solidarity and empathy e.g. Hi, how do you do.

And Halliday identified a function of language concerned with learning, which he labeled "heuristic" (tell me why function). John Rogers Searle has added categories to deal with promises and threats "commissives", and with vows, bets and war declarations "performatives or declarations".

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How is speech therapy relevant to Alzheimer's disease?

speech therapy not only deals with speech but with other cognitive functions. thought processing and memory are affected in Alzheimer's and speech therapists provide exercises and opportunities for Alzheimer's patients to utilize these 2 functions.

What are the function of speech communication?

The functions of speech communication are: Referential Phatic Expressive Interactional Transactional

Functions of the sinuses?

Possible functions of the Sinuses are: To lighten the facial bones Act as resonance chambers for speech

What are some secondary functions of the respiratory system?

speech ,gas exchang

What are the four functions of speech communication?

name and explain the function of communication

What are the functions of verb?

A verb is a part of speech to show an action of a noun.

Wernicke's area functions?

Responsible for speech located in Parietal Lobe of the brain

What does the front left lobe of the brain control?

emotions, speech, and motor functions.  

What are two possible functions of the sinuses?

Resonance chambers for speech and lighten the facial bones.

What functions other than chewing have teeth been evolutionary recruited to perform?


What part of speech is their in their work?

There is a possessive case pronoun. As usual for such pronouns, it functions as an adjective in the sentence.

What part of speech can be substituted for a noun?

A pronoun can be substituted for a noun and can perform all of the functions of a noun.

Give two possible functions of the sinuses?

they lighten the facial bones and act as resonance chambers for speech

What part of speech is quadratic function?

A quadratic function is a noun. The plural form would be quadratic functions.

Functions of larynx?

The functions of the larynx include blocking the passage of food into the lungs and regulating air that enters the bronchial system. The larynx also offers the vibration necessary for speech.

What is the difference between Parts of speech and Figures of speech?

The parts of speech are the nuts and bolts of language. You can talk about the functions of the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions) without any regard to the meanings of the words themselves. Figures of speech are creative uses of language in order to convey certain moods or meanings.

What are the main functions of the mouth?

The main functions of the mouth include food and fluid intake, taste and sensory response to food, mastication (chewing), chemical digestion, swallowing, speech and respiration.

What is the forebrain functions?

Reception of olfactory signals. It also plays a role in initiation of motor activities, speech and memory.

What part of speech is connect?

Connect is typically a verb (though in this sentence it is actually a noun because it functions as the subject).

Can you talk without a uvula?

Yes. Uvula doesn't have any functions when it comes to speech, it only helps in digestion.

What is the functions of lips in speech?

The lips contain numerous sensory receptors that are useful for judging the temperature and texture of foods.

What are the 3 actions of parietal lobes?

there are many functions here are a few: Visual Perception, Spatial Orientation, Speech

What are some functions of the temporal lobe?

Some functions of the temporal lobe include organizing sensory input, auditory perception, language and speech production, as well as anything that has to do with one's memory. These functions of the temporal lobe help to function the human body.

What part of speech is riding?

"Riding" is the present participle form of the verb "ride". "Riding" usually functions in a sentence as a noun (gerund) or adjective (participle) or to introduce a phrase with one of those functions.

Which digestive structure acts as a receptacle functions in mastication begins the process of swallowing and assists in forming the words of speech?

the tongue.