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The geographic feutures include a lot of mountains and a lot of plains. Total opposites!

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Geographic features of New Hampshire during 1622?

rivers lakes and mountains and plains

What are the physical features of New Hampshire?

Mountains, valleys, and hills are some of the physical features of New Hampshire.

What is the terrain like in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire features rugged mountains.

What is the Geographic Center of New Hampshire?

The Geographic center of New Hampshire is three miles east of Ashland in Belknap county. The Population center is in Pembroke in Merrimack County which is about 44 miles south of the state's Geographic center.

What is the geographic location of New Hampshire colony?

the answer is Mid East

What physical geographical features are in New Hampshire?


What are the major geographic features of new york?

There are several major geographic features in New York. There are mountains, rivers, oceans, Great lakes, and lowlands along the waterways.

What were the New Hampshire land features?

yes you beatch

What physical features are found in New Hampshire?

Some of the physical features were the bodies of water

What are the geographic features of the New England Colonies?

excellent grounds for new settlements

What are some geographic features of New Jersey?

Butt cracks

What kind of geographical features did the New Hampshire colony have?


What physical geographical features surround or border New Hampshire?


What are some geographic features of Mali?

some geographic features of mali

What geographic features in new york are named after explorers?

Hudson river

What does geographic features mean?

Geographic features are the features of things on Earth, and about all the bodies of waters, and landforms where they are, such as Mount Everest is a geographic feature in India.

What state was Daniel Webster born in?

New Hampshire New Hampshire New HampshireNew Hampshire New Hampshire New HampshireNew Hampshire

What is the geographical region of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is considered a part of the geographical region of the northeastern United States. Some geographical features of New Hampshire include open land, mountains, wooded areas, rivers, and lakes.

What are the main geographic features of japan and the Koreas?

the main geographic features are the mountain range and the islanda.

What are some of Europe's geographic features?

some of Europes geographic features are... waterways, landforms and mountains.

What were some geographic features of the New York colony?

Like iKnow Lmfao xD

What was the oldest Catholic Church in New Hampshire?

Saint Mary's is the oldest Catholic Church in New Hampshire. The church was built in 1823 and its design is described as having Federal features.

What is the geographic features for the Deciduous forest?

A mountain, rivers, and a stream is some of the geographic features for the Deciduous Forest.

What are geographical features of New Zealand?

Such things as the Southern Alps mountains, and the many lakes and Fiords would be notable geographic features.

Does Texas have a geographic features?

No matter where you are, there will always be geographic features, whether it's a barren, dry, dusty plain or an ocean, there will always be some kind of geographic features,so yes, yes there are.

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