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The grooms parents pay for the rehersal dinner and all expenses associated with it.


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The traditional responsibility is for the groom's parents to pick up the tab for the rehersal dinner.

There are lists which provide the possible tasks for each party involved. However, there is always the personal element: whether they are willing to be involved, can afford it, or if it is otherwise appropriate. You will have to evaluate the situation before casting the responsibility in stone.

Certainly, if they are willing and able to entertain the entire wedding party .Certainly , if they are willing and able to entertain the entire wedding party .

The dinner before the wedding.........

Usually, the rehearsal dinner.More Information:Sometimes the grooms family will pay for the honeymoon as well.

The groom's parents typically pay for the expenses of the rehearsal dinner. I think that's all.

If the man refuses you offer but if not just let it go! Xxx

Generally the groom, but if one of you has extremely wealthy parents and they insist on paying, be gracious and let them , and thank them .

If you are asking what the meal is, this can be either casual to formal; it follows the rehearsal and is also called the grooms dinner. The wedding party attends this and is the last time these individuals are together before the ceremony when everyone is 'on' and has other responsibilities. It is a time to toast each other and each family to bond before the big day. Some have a BBQ and keep it relaxed others go all out in a favorite restaurant. Just try not to overdo this if it is the night before....

No, absolutely not.. It is the grooms responsibility to pay all expenses for the honeymoon not his parents.

No it is not mandatory. Some parents (could be the bride to be's parents) may have the groom, bride, their parents and the wedding party out for dinner in the evening a few days before the wedding, but this is not mandatory either.

Traditionally the groom's parents are in charge for the rehearsal dinner, their own wedding attire (including the groom's), and the couple's gift. It really just depends on the brides and grooms families financial situation. That's something you want to get worked out at the beginning of planning your wedding, who is paying for what.

Its like nothing should be done forcefully of there is needed both parties should take the responsibilities of all the expenses.

Traditionally, the groom's parents are responsible for accommodations for the groom's attendants and family. Other expenses they are responsible for include the marriage license fee, officiant's fee, rehearsal dinner, bachelor dinner, part of the flowers, the honeymoon, and the gifts from the groom to his attendants and the bride.

If it was a traditional wedding and the Bride's parents paid for it themselves, yes, by all means, and take them out for dinner as well , as a get-acquainted or get-to-know- you-better gesture for some new familial bonding.

It does not really matter whether it is the groom or bride's parents who call. In many cases the groom's parents call, but, etiquette does not dictate this.

Traditionally, the groom's parents pay for the groomsmen's tuxedos and the rehearsal dinner, whil the bride's parents pay for her boquet, as well as the wedding. But it really depends on each situation, personal finances and preferences.

Traditionally the groom's parents are responsible for any alcohol for the wedding reception, all wedding flowers, and the honeymoon. Today most brides and grooms are paying for their own wedding but monetary gifts are welcomed from family.

It is traditional ettiquette for the bride's parent to pay.The bride's parents pay for everything except the rehearsal dinner, which is paid by the grooms parents. Now, tradition has changed much, it is not a requirement for only one set of parents to pay. It has now become a contribution.

Usually the bride's parents will phone the groom's parents and the six of you would get together for either dinner at the bride's parent's home or, go out to a restaurant.

what does the groom parents pay for at a traditional wedding

Anything you or the grooms parents feel comfortable with maybe a honeymoon present. If they step in too much just ask them who's wedding is this

The wedding to do list for groom's parents include hosting the engagement party. They provide the couple with a list of guests and host the rehearsal dinner on the evening before the wedding. They may also contribute to some of the wedding expenses.

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