What are the healthiest and unhealthiest ingredients to look for in a dry dog food?

Healthy Dry Dogs Foods

Here is input and advice from dog-loving FAQ Farmers:
  • Look for dog foods without corn meal or chicken/beef by-products. Both are hard to digest and result in less nutrition, and more pooping. Also, a lot of dogs tend to have allergies to dyes, so preferably buy foods that have little or no dyes.
  • Blue Buffalo,Wellness (only problem with Wellness is that a low-grade dog food manufacturer is buying the company so you can't neccessarlly trust them anymore) and Solid Gold
  • Too much corn or any dyes are not good. It's best to mix your pets food with part dry and tinned dog food. I find dry dog food concentrated and the dog will become more thirsty than usual. I buy good food for my pets (2 dogs and a cat) because fed right there are less vet bills. Just like humans; we are what we eat. Don't forget that water! Your dog should have at least 3 - 4 changes of water per day (and keep an eye on that water dish during the hot months of the season) and for small dogs at least 2 times a day. Some good brands of dry food (also in the tinned wet food) is: IAMS, BENEFIL, SCIENCE DIET. When buying wet food in tins avoid any filtering organs such as liver and kidney. When you see the word "by-product" on any tin this is a generalization of what is in that food and it's best to check on the internet as to the proper ingredients in that product. If in doubt all you have to do is call your vet for more options and there is no charge for this information.
  • From a dog trainer: Iams, Beneful, Science Diet are all examples of low quality options. Read labels and learn the warning signs associated with poor quality foods. Some good options are things like Wellness, California Natural, and Innova. I've got an entire article posted on how to read and understand pet food labels at my website (see the Nose Lick link to the right). Typically. If you can find it at a grocery store, stay far away from it.

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I agree. Absolutely stay away from Science Diet and other commercial brands. Try Wellness, CA Natural, Innova, Nature's Variety, Blue Buffalo. Stay away from all dog foods that have by-products. Also, I highly recommend giving filtered water instead of tap water and do NOT use any topical flea & tick meds. They are highly prone to cause seizures and have recently been thought to be causing all kinds of cancers in dogs and cats.


Stay away from corn, by-products, wheat, soy, gluten, dye's, and sometimes chicken. Look for foods with lamb, venison, and if you don't want to go grain free look for whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, and barley. I agree that Wellness, CA natural, and Innova are good foods. Some other good ones would be Natural Balance, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Solid Gold, and Fromm.


I believe that Blue Buffalo is definitely the best dog food there is along with Solid Gold. Science Diet is NOT good for your pets because it contains by-broducts and everything stated above. Pedigree, Iams and all the primary foods are horrible. Nutro is okay but i would definatley use Bue Buffalo.


Good food and bad food.

A few Bad dog foods:


Science Diet





Sportsmix and Meowmix (cat food)

Some Good dog foods:

Nature's Variety


California Natural (and other Nutura pet foods)




Holistic Select


Before Grain

Whole Earth's Farms

Nature's Logic (no synthetic vitamins/minerals)

Nutro Ultra


Nature's Recipe (Vegetarian)

Natural Balance (Vegetarian)

All good dog foods have a type of "meal

Dogs are not carnivorous and should never be feed meat.

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Dogs are carnivorous because they do have canine teeth, otherwise dogs would have teeth like us humans. Please read the related links below to back me up.