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In Coca-Cola there is both sugar and phosphoric acid. Both damage your teeth. Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Caffeine Free Coke all still have phosphoric acid, which erodes your teeth.

The sugars in the non-diet soda will cause bacteria to grow on the teeth, which can release acids that damage the enamel, and cause cavities to form.

Brushing/Rinsing is the best thing to do after an occasional soda. Without rinsing/brushing even milk, Orange Juice, or apple juice can cause some of the same problems. In caffeinated colas, the caffeine will dry your mouth and decrease your saliva. The saliva has an important role in neutralizing acidity in the mouth. So eliminating the caffeine is important as well, to avoid tooth damage.

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Q: What are the ingredients in Coke and Diet Coke that have negative effects on teeth and why?
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Is coke unhealthy?

Yes, it is. Diet coke is even WORSE! The coloring effects your teeth and it has acibs and chemicals that are not good for you.

What liquid effects the teeth the most?

Sugary drinks such as coke, lemonade, juice

What are the ingredients in cherry coke?

what are the ingredients in cherry coke

What is worst for your teeth coke or Diet Coke?

Regular Coke but diet is still bad for your teeth

What fizzy drink is worst for your teeth?

Coke Coke is bad for your teeth, if you drink to much your teeth will fall out

Is Diet Coke better than orange pop?

yes: coke is better. my daughter did a science fair project that found orange pop not only stained your teeth more, but also had higher amounts of ingredients then coke did.

Which is worst for your teeth sprite or coke?


Whats in coke that affects your teeth?

there is a lot of sugar in regular coke that rots your teeth.

What effets your teeth coke or coffee?

Different ways. Coke erodes your teeth over time. Coffee stains your teeth.

Why is coke bad for your body?

coke can make you shorter and rot your teeth ! watch out coke can make you shorter and rot your teeth ! watch out

What are the main ingredients of coke?

ingredients for coke v.s diet coke

What coke affect your teeth?

i believe that doctor pepper affects your teeth more than regulor coke.

How does coke turn your teeth brown?

The cause is the temporary absorption of caramel dissolved in coke on teeth surface.

What do coke do to teeth?

it will rot your teeth really badly

What are the Ingredients for coke zero?

fizzy water and coke zero syrup

What makes teeth decay the fastest coke or sprite?


What would happen if you put teeth in coke?

coke will be dirty

What does coke dissolve?


What are the negative effects of coke on your body?

It contain carbonic acid which can lead to dissolution of bones .Formula of carbonic acid is H2CO3

What side effects does coke have on a kid?

The side effects of kids drinking coke are very dangerous because Coke has a lot of sugar in it.

How do different types of Coke such as Diet Coke Coca Cola Coke Zero and Coke with a twist of lime differ in affect your teeth?

the lime probably adds acid and eats your teeth a little bit quicker. The "diet" part just changes the sweetener. coke as liittle bit sugar that can damage your teeth specially when your teeth is sensitive in sugar while coke zero is no sugar.

Ingredients of vanilla coke?

ERR... I KNOW... Vanilla and Coke! lol!!!!!!! or just look in the ingredients if u buy a bottle - if they exist!!!!!! It is just coke with a vanilla flavor added

What is the effects on are bodies on coke?

coke melts your brain

What is the secret ingredient in coke?

Coke do NOT release the ingredients of any of its lines especially coke. Its their trade secret

What chemicals or properties are found in Coke?

Look up what ingredients are in coke for this answer ^-^ please