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What are the ingredients in Coke and Diet Coke that have negative effects on teeth and why?


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In Coca-Cola there is both sugar and phosphoric acid. Both damage your teeth. Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Caffeine Free Coke all still have phosphoric acid, which erodes your teeth.

The sugars in the non-diet soda will cause bacteria to grow on the teeth, which can release acids that damage the enamel, and cause cavities to form.

Brushing/Rinsing is the best thing to do after an occasional soda. Without rinsing/brushing even milk, orange juice, or apple juice can cause some of the same problems. In caffeinated colas, the caffeine will dry your mouth and decrease your saliva. The saliva has an important role in neutralizing acidity in the mouth. So eliminating the caffeine is important as well, to avoid tooth damage.


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