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If you drink too much soda drinks like Coke, it can be really bad for your teeth because it worns it away. I don't remember exactly, but it was because of the chemical that makes the soda drink frizz.


Coke and Pepsi are made from a thick syrup full of sugars and Pepcides. If they both can clean a dirty windshield or the motor of your car or grease off your driveway, think of what it is doing to your teeth!

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Both answers 1 and 2 are correct. There have been several articles in the news media recently regarding the hazards to ones teeth resulting from consumption of "sodas."

To clarify answer 1, the "chemical" bad actor in most so-called soft drinks is CARBONIC ACID, created by dissolving CARBON DIOXIDE gas in water. The resulting carbonation of the water results in a relatively mild acid, BUT IT HAS BEEN CLINICALLY PROVEN TO ATTACK THE ENAMEL of your teeth. Additionally, several articles have said that the carbonic acid temporarily softens what part of the enamel it hasn't eaten away, and that brushing one's teeth within an hour after drinking a carbonated drink will result in removing even more of the enamel!j3h.

coca cola, like all Carbonated Beverages is high in sugar and will cause cavities. The carbon dioxide in soda beverages also weakens tooth enamel.

It is not a specific chemical it is the longterm use.

I did a science fair project similar to this last year, and it was that it had to much acid/fizz causing the tooth tissue to dissolve. hope it heelps! : )


i did a science fair project on the effect of coke on teeth. maybe this would help youu;)

First of all, coke affects the teeth by decreasing its mass. Coke seems to be a brew designed to create tooth decay. It is not only the sugar, it is also the Phosphoric acid used as acidulant. It is the same acid dentists use for etching the enamel prior to the insertion of a filling. Phosphoric acid corrodes the surface of the enamel, working on the destruction of the teeth. Diet sodas contain the same acidity as well. Coca Cola has a pH level of 3.4. In addition to the acidity in the can, the sugar mixed with your saliva turns acidic too. The acidity etches away the enamel. This decreased layer of enamel on the teeth increases erosion of the teeth. The acidity erodes the teeth by decreasing its mass and making it weak and stained. Several dentistry books have wonderful colored pictures of severely destroyed teeth with the captions saying, "The patient drank too much sodas", or "The patient was a heavy Coca-Cola drinker".

Secondly, coke affects the teeth by staining it. MANY beverages can discolor teeth, including tea, and coffee. Especially soda, because it has caramel coloring in addition to phosphoric acid. Soft drinks are the worst thing that you can put in your mouth. Not only they're the perfect recipe for tooth decay, but they cause teeth to become yellow over the years because they slowly remove the enamel layer, making the dentin layer (which is yellow) more visible.

The effects of coke on teeth was researched by my granddad at British sugar (he was a microbiologist).

The results were that the coke or coca cola had such a high wash off rate that it would not be there long enough to damage your teeth. But if you drink coke through a straw, it is more concentrated on your teeth so it causes damage.

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Q: What is the effect of Coke on teeth?
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What is worst for your teeth coke or Diet Coke?

Regular Coke but diet is still bad for your teeth

What types of soda have the worst effect on your teeth?

The worst soda that can affect your teeth are coke and pepsi because of the strong acids.The strong acids are to strong for your teeth and then ruin them.

Whats in coke that affects your teeth?

there is a lot of sugar in regular coke that rots your teeth.

Which is worst for your teeth sprite or coke?


What fizzy drink is worst for your teeth?

Coke Coke is bad for your teeth, if you drink to much your teeth will fall out

What effets your teeth coke or coffee?

Different ways. Coke erodes your teeth over time. Coffee stains your teeth.

Why is coke bad for your body?

coke can make you shorter and rot your teeth ! watch out coke can make you shorter and rot your teeth ! watch out

How does coke turn your teeth brown?

The cause is the temporary absorption of caramel dissolved in coke on teeth surface.

What do coke do to teeth?

it will rot your teeth really badly

What makes teeth decay the fastest coke or sprite?


What would happen if you put teeth in coke?

coke will be dirty

How do different types of Coke such as Diet Coke Coca Cola Coke Zero and Coke with a twist of lime differ in affect your teeth?

the lime probably adds acid and eats your teeth a little bit quicker. The "diet" part just changes the sweetener. coke as liittle bit sugar that can damage your teeth specially when your teeth is sensitive in sugar while coke zero is no sugar.

What does coke dissolve?


What coke affect your teeth?

i believe that doctor pepper affects your teeth more than regulor coke.

Does coke fizz affect your teeth?

It's the acid in the coke that will hurt your teeth. Don't even get me started on the sodium content...

What can coke do to your teeth?

If you drink to much it could rot your teeth

How do types of coke such as Diet Coke Coca Cola Coke Zero and Coke with a twist of lime differ in affecting your teeth?

it depends on the one with the most sugar because all soda is acidic witch is horrible for your teeth

What happens to the teeth when you drink coke?

When you drink alot of coke your teeth get stained and become very hard to clean the stains off of.

What are some science fair projects that you can do with coke?

Some science fair projects that can be done using Coke are to see if the soda will dissolve a nail, can it clean a penny, or what effect the soda has on the teeth. Another project is to make a Mentos geyser using the Coke.

What soda corrodes your teeth the most?

Coke is the soda that corrodes your teeth. However, Pepsi and RC cola are close behind Coke. Root Beer is the safest soda for your teeth.

What are the damages of coke in your body?

There are many damages that Coke can have on your body. Coke has a lot of acid that can wear away teeth.

Is coke bad for your teeth?


What soda stains teeth the most spite coke orange grape or pepsi?


What does coke do to your teeth?

it will make your teeth rot from all the sugar and ArtificaL Ingridents

How will teeth be affected when immersed in coke?

in the same way that sugar affects your teeth.