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the insecurities of an adolescent is just basically how we be ourselves and learn that people will be okay with it. We mostly put up a mask because we're afraid that people will laugh at us. We don't open up to anybody because we're afraid that the information will be passed on. We have self-doubt. We don't like it when people laugh at us and therefor we hide ourselves. We are unsure where we belong and how to be ourselves.


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Job insecurities, relationship insecurities such as not knowing if they still really love you, not knowing if they are okay when working far away, not knowing what the future will bring for your relationship, etc. More insecurities could be not feeling confident in your future for some reason, money insecurities (no job, not making enough money to survive, not making enough to send your children to college, etc.). There is reason for many insecurities with people these days with the economy and unemployment the way it is. In addition, people can have insecurities with the way they look, people treating them badly (people can be so mean these days). We just have to trust, keep the faith, and do the best we can do and try to keep our insecurities to a minimum.

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Adolescent schizophrenia is schizophrenia that begins from the ages of 13 to 19.

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As you know psychologists study human nature so human nature was part of studying to be a psychologist. Everyone has one or two insecurities as we are not perfect human beings, but if some insecurities are stopping the client from having a full and enjoyable life and move on in their future then the psychologist needs to get to the bottom of these insecurities. If you simply come out and ask your client what they feel their insecurities are they will most likely think about it and give the psychologist an answer. One thing a psychologist could do is simply talk to their client and then ask them to go home and write down any insecurities they feel they have and at their next appointment they should bring the list with them and the psychologist and client can go over the list and discuss it and it is up to the psychologist to give the client tools to deal with these insecurities.

Adolescent Limited is the artistic or literary creation or interpretation business based in London

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