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The largest Bass Pro is in Springfield Mo. with 310,000sq ft..#2 is Clarkville, In 280,000 #3 Harrisburg, Pa 231,000 #4 Dallas(grapevine) 200,000 #5 San Antone 190,000 #6 Denver 186,000 #7 Independence, Mo/ Rancho Cucamunga, Ca 180,000 # 8 Mesa, Az 170,000 # 9 Vegas/ Denham Springs, La 165,000

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Q: What are the largest Bass Pro Shops in the US?
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Do Bass pro have shops outside the US?

There are two Bass Pro Shops in Canada. One in Rocky View, Alberta and another in Vaughan, Ontario. Other than that they're all in the US. Source: I work for Bass Pro Shops

What are the smallest bass pro shops in the US?

If you're talking about the actual Bass Pro Shops brand... Islamorada in the Florida Keys, with Branson, MO and Destin, FL also being on the very small end of their stores

Where is the second largest bass pro shops in the US?

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