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Public Law 99-639 (Act of 11/10/86), which was passed in order to deter Immigration-related marriage fraud. Its major provision stipulates that aliens deriving their immigrant status based on a marriage of less than two years are conditional immigrants. To remove their conditional status the immigrants must apply at an Immigration and Naturalization Service office during the 90-day period before their second-year anniversary of receiving conditional status. If the aliens cannot show that the marriage through which the status was obtained was and is a valid one, their conditional immigrant status may be terminated and they may become deportable.

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Q: What are the legal consequences of marrying for a green card?
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How long does it take to get a legal status after marrying someone who has a green card?

Oh, like... 5 to 8 years!

Can a Nepalese boy get green card by court marrying green card holder girl in US?


How long one have to wait to get a green card after marrying a green card holder while citizenship is on process?

let me know

Would you become a us citizen by marrying someone with a green card?

No, you wouldn't.

Can the US government deny a green card to a foreigner marrying an American?


Are you a legal resident of the united states if you have a green card?

Yes, you are a legal resident of USA if you have a green card. I believe the next step after green card is citizenship, which is given after 5-7 years of continuous living in the USA.

Do you have to renew a expired green card?

Per immigration law, YES you have to renew the green card to be a legal resident.

What does a green card entitle a person to?

Legal residency.

How do you obtain a green card?

Six ways to get a green card By being sponsored by close family members Through investment in the US By being sponsored by a US company or employer Green card lottery Asylum or refugee By marrying a US citizen

Will a legal temporary worker waiting for a green card be able to get a mortgage?

If you are a legal temporary, you would be a US citizen, if you are analien, you must have a green card in order to work, as understand it.

Can a Canada holding a E2 visa get citizenship after marrying a US citizen?

Citizenship cannot be got directly without becoming a green card holder first.By maintaining legal status, the Canadian should first get the green card after being petitioned by US citizen spouse by filing Form I-130 and after 5 years as green card holder he/she can apply for US citizenship by filing Form N-400.

Can a Legal guardian of a child file for their green card?


Do you get a greencard by marrying a greencard holder?

Yes. But there is a review later on and if the marriage is thought to be a sham the green card can be taken away.

Can an legal immigrant marry a permanent green card holder?


Is it legal for someone with a temporary green card to marry a US Citizen?


Can a legal resident travel outside the US?

Yes you can if you have a Green Card.

Are you able to get a green card or visa if your single?

Of course. Marrying a U.S. citizen is not the only way to obtain a green card or visa. The typical green card application involves getting a sponsor, applying to the U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country, and the BCIS will do checks to assure you are an admissable candidate.

my wife has a pending green card application. She is now pregnant. If she gets medical coverage from DSHS will her green card application be denied?

No becuase she is not a legal citizen

Can a legal immigrant married to a US citizen get a job?

If they have a green card, they can work.

Can a green card holder get citizenship with a felony? legal charges can exist

What makes someone a legal citizen of the US?

get a green card ans SSN

Who is considered a legal resident?

Legal US residents are either citizens of the US, or those who have immigration documents issued by the ICE. Usually this includes a Alien Registration card, called a "green card" (although they are no longer green.)

How long after marrying a U.S. citizen can you get your green card?

6-7 months you'll get a permanent visa, and then after 2 years you'll go through interviews and stuff and if they believe your marriage is for real you'll get a green card.

What are the consequences if you marry a friend just so he can get a green card?

It is a federal law and according to homeland security you are a criminal.

Do green card holders need ESTA to enter the US?

No - a Green card means your a permanent legal resident. ESTA is only used for Visa holders and waivers