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Credit card fraud is increasingly becoming a large concern for consumers and merchants. Particularly for buyers making online purchases, the issue of consumer credit card protection is even more pressing. While U.S. federal law currently limits a consumer

2005-01-11 21:46:24
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Differentiate between physical assets from physical liabilities?

differentiate between physical assets from physical liabilities

How can accept a payment by credit card?

To accept credit cards you will need what is called a merchant account. A merchant account is basically a relationship between you, the bank ans a merchant services company. There are 3 types of merchant accounts, Internet, Retail and wireless. Internet merchant accounts are obviously for internet stores. Retail merchant accounts are for business with a storefront were the customer pays you in person. Wireless merchant accounts are for business such as taxicabs, tradeshows, etc who process credit cards in person but not at a store or physical location.

What is the oldest you can be to join merchant marines?

There is no age limit for Merchant Marine applicants who can pass the physical exam.

How long after a purchase can a business wait to charge your credit card?

My merchant service will alow any charge, regardless of the date of sale, as long as I have a physical imprint of the card, and the correct signature (provided the card has not expired)

Is Signature update survey legit?

Probably not. Sounds like a scam to get you to send the scammer some form of your electronic signature or even physical signature. Don't

Is a physical signing the same as a stamp signature?

In most cases an actual signature is better than a stamp. Stamps can be valid as well.

How would you measure the level of customer satsfaction as far as physical distribution is concened?

How a customer responds or if he is able to come again will help me measure the level of customer satisfaction as far as the physical distribution is concerned.

Can a New York Notary notarize a signature stamp?

No, no facsimiles of ANY type are permitted. It must the actual physical written signature of the individual.

Is it acceptable to have a typed signature for a recommendation letter and not a handwritten signature?

I would not recommend a typed signature on any letter unless you are sending it electronically. In all cases, a physical letter should have the actual signature of the sender. The recipient of a letter of recommendation that has a typed 'signature' will not hold the recommendation in high regard. A photocopy of a signed letter is preferable to a typed signature.

How would you measure the level of customer satsfaction as far as physical distribution is concerned?

I would measure the level of the customer satisfaction as far as the physical distribution is concerned based on the feedback that they will provide.

What is the noun for signature?

The word signature is a noun, a singular, common noun; a word for a thing.The noun 'signature' is a concrete noun as a word for a person's name written in their own handwriting; a word for a physical thing.The noun 'signature' is an abstract noun as a word for the recognizable style of someone or something; a word for a concept.

Is the word signature a concrete Noun?

The noun 'signature' is a concrete noun as a word for a person's name written in their own handwriting; a word for a physical thing.The noun 'signature' is an abstract noun as a word for the recognizable style of someone or something; a word for a concept.

Can a bartender use physical force or stop customer from leaving?

No. Physical force could be considered assault. If they want to leave then they are allowed to leave.

Is forty six to old to be a merchant marine?

As "the merchant marine" is an industry not a person your question makes no sense, if by some chance you had meant to ask, "is forty six to old to be a merchant mariner?" then the answer would be, no its not, merchant mariners are civilians, mostly working for private companies and it is not legal in the U.S. to discriminate based on age, however you do have to pass a physical, but at 46 if you're in fairly good health you should be OK

What is the maximum age to become a merchant marine?

I am a twenty one year vet and i would like to know if fifty eight is to old to apply to become a merchant marine?

What is the Difference between physical DFD and logical DFD?

For a physical Data Flow Diagram you explore into the logical DFD. for example, if you have a data flow arrow declared as "customer information" now the physical DFD would include in that data flow arrow "customer information = customer_name + customer_address". something along these lines Physical DFD shows how various functions are performed and who does them but Logical DFD strips away all physical constraints but does not restrict physical happenings from taking place.

What is the category of Sales against CT-1 Physical Export or Deemed Export?

it is threw merchant exporter who exporting it.......for us it is deemed export

Example of physical facilities in bank?

A banks Physical Facilities relates to their actual customer service locations as opposed to their electronic/online/distance customer service points.The Physical Facilities pertain to those which a client can actually touch, such as:ATM'sBank BranchTellersVaultsThis is as opposed to services which can only be accessed by distance, such as:Internet BankingPostal Banking

What are customer requirements?

Customer requirements are specifications for a project and/or attributes of a deliverable specified by a customer in a request for proposal. Requirements may include size, quantity, color, speed, and other physical or operational parameters that a contractor's proposed solution must satisfy.

What are Marketing Logistics?

Marketing logistics are basically the physical distribution of goods. Marketing logistics involve planning, delivering, and controlling the flow of physical goods to a market as well as the material and information necessary to meet customer demands. The demands of the customer must be met at a profit that increases revenue for the orginization.

What is an electronic signature?

This term can mean different things in different places. Some states recognize that facsimile and email transmissions can be used as "proof" of signature, and have adopted the "electronic signature" definition to refer to these sorts of transmissions and allow them (or restrict them) as evidence of (for example) intent to contract or authentication of official orders. Other definitions mean an "electronic signature" is the electronic capturing of a physical, handwritten signature, as where you use a scribe at a point-of-sale terminal to "sign" a credit card transaction. Again, the regulations authorize this sort of paperless record as evidence of an intent to be bound by some agreement. Without such statutes or regulations, the standards would still require a physical piece of paper (or other physical substrate) with a hand-written "signature" before a document would be admissible as proof of an original signature. In other places, where the concern is for a more robust authentication and non-deniability, the "electronic signature" may be distinguished from a "digital signature", which uses sophisticated encryption techniques for security. There are many interesting uses for digital signatures, including anti-virus protection in critical software. One effect of using electronic signatures (or digital signatures) is to shift the burden of proof. "You deny you signed, yet I have this electronic record showing you signed, now you have to prove this record is false."

How do you calculate capital expenditures?

Capital expenditures or CAPEX, refers to the money spent to acquire and maintain the physical assets of a company. It can be calculated by subtracting the total assets from the total liabilities found on the company's balance sheet.

In ny can a parent with physical joint custody take a child out the country?

Removal of a child from the US is not a state matter, it's federal, and the signature are required for the Visa.

Describe the differences between physical supply and physical distribution?

physical supply includes all activities like moving goods from supplier or trading partner to the manufacturer. physical distribution involved all activities such as goods handling, goods moving and goods packing from manufacture to the end customer.

What are baseball player Andy Merchant's physical stats?

Andy Merchant is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He weighs 185 pounds. He bats left and throws right.