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They are Chironomid midges also known are red worm larvae, and they are very had to get rid of.

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Q: What are the little red worms in your swimming pool?
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Are the red worms in your swimming pool dangerous?

Red worms in your swimming pool are NOT dangerous to you but it is dangerous to the red worms. Red worms are much like earthworms. They need to be in soil not water with harmful chemicals such as chlorine. I have no red worms in MY pool as you so state.

How do you get rid of the red worms in your swimming pool?

To get red of red worms in your swimming pool put shock it in your pool for 3 days in a row then if they are not gone you call a bug exterminator, he or she should know what to do if he does not know how call the company you bought the pool from they should give you some good tips.

Can humans get little red worms from swimming pool?

Oh, my goodness. I'm a social worker and not a physician. If you are the one with the worms, stop asking questions and get you your physician right away. If the little visitors are living with a friend, tell you friend to get to a physician immediately. Who cares where they came from? Get rid of them!

In your swimming pool you found tiny red worms on the bottom as you were cleaning your pool they are they harmful to children you have a above ground pool?

They are fly larvae and are gross, but harmless. Keep the pool clean and the chemistry correct. You can try running the chlorine a little towards the high end, but the flys that deposit the eggs (that turn into larvae) will contine to mistake your pool for a pond. Hey, at least you don't have frogs... ;-)

Does the Red Roof Inn have a swimming pool?


What will kill red fungus in swimming pool?

Red or pink algae in a swimming pool is actually a bacteria. The most common cause is contamination from swimming suits when going from the ocean to the pool. Chlorine is the most effective treatment. Algae products will not work because it is not a true algae.

The temperature of a swimming pool?

The American Red Cross suggests that 78° F is appropriate for swimming.

What does rpiasp mean?

it means red people in a swimming pool

Can you see semen in a swimming pool?

Simply, no. Unless you dye the pool red, then the semen will glow.

Are tiny red worms in a pool dangerous to humans?

I would not choose to be the test subject.

Where is the swimming suit in panfu?

Go to the swimming pool and go in the locker room there you will find a stripy (red & white) hanging on the hooks take it to the life guard.

Where do red worms live?

Red worms usually live underground in shady places. Red worms are usually found living underground in the soil.

Why do your eyes turn red after swimming in a pool with chlorine why don't they turn pink or purple or blue?

Because the colour of the blood vessels that cause your eyes to turn red are red.

What are composting worms called?

There are different worms that can be used for worm composting. Red wigglers are the best. You can also use blue worms, manure worms, red hybrid worms and tiger worms.

Why do you get red blotches on your body after showers or swimming I go swimming every friday and shower everyday and everytime i get out of the water my body has itchy red blotches on it?

Sounds as if you might be allergic to the chlorine (or some additive) in the pool. Check with a dermatologist.

Can i die from chlorine?

Yes if you breathed enough but it is unlikely that there is enough in a swimming pool. It generally just makes your eyes red

How are Ph levels of a swimming pool tested?

Usually the ph is tested with a phenol red indicator but litmus paper can be used

Are earthworms and red worms the same thing?

Red worms and earthworms are the same thing. They are closely related to each other, though. Red worms make much better worm farm worms or composting worms than regular earth worms because of their higher rate of soil assimilation.

What worms do you use for a worm farms?

The worms most suitable for worm farms are usually red worms (also known as red wrigglers or manure worms), blue worms or tiger worms. Do not use nightcrawlers or earthworms when worm farming.

What is the right pH level in swimming pool explain why?

The main reason to ensure good ph (dull red in ph chemical test kit) is that as per the chemical tests, when at the correct levels the ph in the pool will leave a red trace cloud should any of your visitors be distasteful enough to wee in your pool

What do you call little red bugs on your pool filter?

Could be anything... you're to vague in your question

Will your dyed red hair go ginger in the swimming pool?

If someone waits at least 2 weeks to go swimming after a dye job, the chlorine shouldnÕt lighten their hair. If you arenÕt sure, you can wear a swim cap.

Why are red worms preferred for composting?

they're not. pink worms are the best

What are the symptoms of swimming pool syndrome?

The answer is varied. Some symptoms are similar to those of cold symptoms, cough irritated throat, red, sore throat, irritated, red eyes, conjunctivitis. Other symptoms are eczema, skin rash, psoriasis. Problem is with the pH of the pool and the chlorine.

What type of worms to use for composting?

The best worms to use are red wigglers

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