What are the long term and short term effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system?

Short term effects of exercise

The short terms effects of exercise are Increased Breathing Rate, which means you are getting short of breathe. Increased Heart Rate, which means your heart is pumping faster, meaning more blood travelling around the body. Increased Blood Pressure, the pressure of the blood is higher because the blood is travelling around your body at a higher and more powerful speed. Raised Body Temperature, your starting to sweat and your temperature is rising. Also your heart gets bigger, your heart is a muscle, and with exercise the heart gets more muscular and gets bigger.

Long term effects of exercise.

The long term effects of exercise, you will have a lower resting pulse. This means when you are resting after exercise, it will take less time to return to your resting pulse, a quicker recovery rate. Also, you will be able to exercise for longer without getting out of breathe or your temperature rising as quickly.