What are the lyrics to 'The Ballad of the Northern Suburbs?

Some of the lyrics I couldn't get completely, so they would look like *this* if I asn't sure.
I did the best I could.

O please daddy, won't you take us to Enanda, all 6, 7, of us 8, 9 ,10?
The Horsey boys will all be there, the goodman brothers, what a pair!
And we can get our pictures on the social page again

Champagne, Caviar, Polo and Jaguars.
Garden Parties, Debutantes, and french liquor
Life's so boring for a gal who cannot join the social world,
with first nights, dimple hage, and gown by dior.

O please daddy, won't you fly us off to London?
First class of course, in the seven o' seven.
We're sure to make the Margret set
and find some titled boyfriend yet
To dance at the Savoy will be positively heaven!


O please daddy, let's go skiing at St. morrits,
with Mary Lou and you-know-who, and the upper ten.
If we don't break our arms and necks,
we're sure to charm the other sex
And when the seasons over, we'll go bowing back again!


O please daddy, if we can't go off to London,
or spend a month in Paris when the weather's fine.
If we can't indulge in winter sports,
or cruise around some foreign ports,
won;t you buy me just a teeny weeny diamond mine?


O please daddy..


Ag sous cookie, just cut out all that nagging
Pass up now, hey? Just remember I'm your pa.
I'm so fed up with your cheek, and that fancy way you speak

That *blarie* School has finished you, has finished you *glar*

Popcorn, chewing gum (chewing gum), peanuts and bubblegum (oh, bubblegum)
Ice cream, candy floss(oh candy floss) and Eskimo pie
Ag daddy how we miss Snicker Bars(Oh *jeez*) and licorice, pepsi cola, ginger beer and canda dry.