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What are the major products of the southeast region?

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What are 4 major products produced in the southeast region?

This depends on the location you are referencing when you say "southeast region." For example, in the United States, 4 major products produced in the southeast include fruit, petroleum products, soybeans and tobacco and skeet.

What major bodies of water are in the southeast region?

The major bodies of water that are in the Southeast region is The Mississppi River , & Gulf of Mexico .

What was the major water source in the southeast region?

The southeast region of what country? Please specify if you want an answer.

What products do they sell in the southeast region?

Mainly rice.

What are the Major products of the south west region?

There is no region of the united states, if that's what you are referring to, called south west. There is only Northeast, Southeast, Mid-West, South, and West.

What major crops are grown in the southeast region?


What major bussinesses and industries in the southeast region?

medical industry

Does the southeast region have any major bodies of water?


What are three major rivers of the southeast region of the US?


What are 3 major landforms in the southeast region?

mountains, valleys, plains

What are the major products of the northeast region?


What is the ocean that borders the sotheast us region?

The ocean that borders the southeast U.S.A, is the Atlantic Ocean. This ocean gives fish to the region for food. Fish is one of the agricultural products of the southeast.

Is Alabama in the southeast region or the southwest region?

Alabama is in the southeast region.

What major mountain range is located in the southeast region of the us?

u askme

What are the two major physical features of the southeast region?

applachian mountains everglades

Is Florida in the southeast region?

Yes, Florida is in the southeast region.

Are Georgia and Alabama in the Northeast region or Southeast region?


Which one is not a region Southeast Mountain or Rocky Mountain Range?

SouthEast is not a region

What is the economy of the Southeast region of the US?

economy of southeast region of the us

What are the products of Region 6?

Western Visayas or Region 6 is basically an agricultural region. Its major products are sugarcane and rice. It also exports Guimaras mangoes.

What are the major products of the valley and ridge region?

the main products would be apples & poultry

What are the 4 major products of the Southwest Region of the US?


What are two major rivers of the southeast region of the US?

the Atlantic Ocean ... I think and the Gulf of Mexico

Which is not a region southeast mountain rocky mountain range?

Southeast is not a region it is a direction

What are the physical features in the southeast region?

There was the grand canyon, mesa verde, and the Rio grande river.hello i am Parker we are learning about the southeast region what does this have to do with the southeast region