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That's like going to a doctor asking what is the common problems in the human body. But let me assume some things so I can answer this for you. If I hit on something that you can be more specific about then rewrite a question and we will see what we can do. Your are having some troubles with the way it runs or sounds or both. No trouble light is on or you would have a specific area to look at. You did what most people do and ran a fuel cleaner through the car and it made no change. You opened the hood and thought, " now what do I do". I don't want to pay to get this looked at when I know I can fix it if I can find it. So several things. Is it missing, hesitating, slow to accelerate, poor gas mileage. Then you need to look at ignition system and fuel system. Is there a noise, rattle, or loud clicking. Then look internally. Most often people run vehicles and never do a thing to them. So a tune up is most often the fix. Sparkplugs, wires, cap, rotor and air filter. If this doesn't fix it then what did the sparkplugs look like when you removed them. Clean or full of gunk? Gunk could mean the intakes are still dirty and they need to be cleaned. Running another furl cleaner through might help or replace the injectors. After that you have adjustments to the valves, checking compression for ring wear or worn out bearings. All have specific tests and problems that would take a manual to find. So go get one and walk through the symptoms. If you need help come on back. We will assist as we can.

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Q: What are the must common engine problems for the Toyota 4 runner 1999?
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