Oil Refineries

What are the names of all the oil refinery plants in the US?

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January 06, 2009 8:39PM

United States * Alabama Tuscaloosa Refinery (Hunt Refining Company), Tuscaloosa, Alabama 52,000 bpd Saraland Refinery (Shell Oil Company), Saraland, Alabama 80,000 bpd Mobile Refinery (Trigeant), Mobile, Alabama 16,700 bpd * Alaska Kenai Refinery (Tesoro), Kenai, Alaska 72,000 bpd Valdez Refinery (Petro Star), Valdez, Alaska 50,000 bpd North Pole Refinery (Petro Star), North Pole, Alaska 17,000 bpd Kuparuk Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Kuparuk, Alaska 14,400 bpd North Pole Refinery (Flint Hills Resources), North Pole, Alaska 210,000 bpd Prudhoe Bay Refinery (BP), Prudhoe Bay, Alaska 12,500 bpd * Arkansas El Dorado Refinery (Lion Oil), El Dorado, Arkansas 70,000 bpd Smackover Refinery (Cross Oil), Smackover, Arkansas 6,800 bpd * California Bakersfield Refinery (Big West), Bakersfield, California, 66,000 barrels per day Bakersfield Refinery (Kern Oil), Bakersfield, California, 25,000 bpd Bakersfield Refinery (San Joaquin Refining Company), Bakersfield, California, 24,300 bpd Benicia Refinery (Valero), Benicia, California, 144,000 bpd Carson Refinery (BP), Carson, California, 260,000 bpd El Segundo Refinery (Chevron), El Segundo, California, 260,000 bpd Golden Eagle Refinery (Tesoro), near Martinez, California, 166,000 bpd Long Beach Refinery (Edgington Oil Company), Long Beach, California, 26,000 bpd Martinez Refinery (Shell Oil Company), Martinez, California, 154,900 bpd Oxnard Refinery (Tenby Inc), Oxnard, California, 2,800 bpd Paramount Refinery (Paramount Petroleum), Paramount, California, 50,000 bpd Richmond Refinery (Chevron), Richmond, California, 242,901 bpd Rodeo San Francisco Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Rodeo, California, 73,200 bpd Santa Maria Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Santa Maria, California, 41,800 bpd Santa Maria Refinery (Greka Energy), Santa Maria, California, 9,500 bpd South Gate Refinery (Lunday Thagard), South Gate, California, 8,500 bpd Torrance Refinery (ExxonMobil), Torrance, California, 149,000 bpd Wilmington Asphalt Refinery (Valero), Wilmington, California, 5,900 bpd Wilmington Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Wilmington, California, 133,100 bpd Wilmington Refinery (Shell Oil Company), Wilmington, California, 98,500 bpd Wilmington Refinery (Valero), Wilmington, California, 149,000 bpd * Colorado Commerce City Refinery (Suncor), Commerce City, Colorado 90,000 bpd * Delaware Delaware City Refinery (Valero), Delaware City, Delaware 175,000 bpd * Georgia Savannah Refinery (Citgo), Savannah, Georgia (Asphalt Refinery) 28,000 bpd Douglasville Refinery (Young Refining), Douglasville, Georgia -- shutdown 07/04 * Hawaii Kapolei Refinery (Tesoro), Ewa Beach, Hawaii 93,500 bpd Hawaii Refinery (Chevron), Honolulu, Hawaii 54,000 bpd * Illinois Lemont Refinery (Citgo), Lemont, Illinois 160,000 bpd Joliet Refinery (ExxonMobil), Joliet, Illinois 238,000 bpd Robinson Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), Robinson, Illinois 192,000 bpd Wood River Refinery (ConocoPhillips/EnCana), Roxana, Illinois 306,000 bpd * Indiana Whiting Refinery (BP), Whiting, Indiana 410,000 bpd Mount Vernon Refinery (Countrymark Co-op), Mount Vernon, Indiana 23,000 bpd * Kansas Coffeyville Refinery (Farmland Industries), Coffeyville, Kansas 112,000 bpd El Dorado Refinery (Frontier Oil), El Dorado, Kansas 103,000 bpd McPherson Refinery (NCRA), McPherson, Kansas 81,200 bpd * Kentucky Catlettsburg Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), Catlettsburg, Kentucky 222,000 bpd Somerset Refinery, Somerset, Kentucky 5,500 bpd * Louisiana Baton Rouge Refinery (ExxonMobil), Baton Rouge, Louisiana 494,000 bpd Belle Chasse Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Belle Chasse, Louisiana 250,000 Chalmette Refinery (ExxonMobil), Chalmette, Louisiana 183,000 bpd Convent Refinery (Motiva Enterprises), Convent, Louisiana 255,000 bpd Cotton Valley Refinery (Calumet Lubricants), Cotton Valley, Louisiana 13,000 bpd Garyville Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), near Garyville, Louisiana 245,000 bpd Krotz Springs Refinery (Valero), Krotz Springs, Louisiana 85,000 bpd Lake Charles Refinery (Citgo), Lake Charles, Louisiana 425,000 Lake Charles Refinery (Calcasieu Refining), Lake Charles, Louisiana 30,000 bpd Meraux Refinery (Murphy Oil), Meraux, Louisiana 125,000 bpd Norco Refinery (Motiva Enterprises), Norco, Louisiana 242,000 bpd Port Allen Refinery (Placid Refining), Port Allen, Louisiana 48,500 bpd Princeton Refinery (Calumet Lubricants), Princeton, Louisiana 8,300 bpd Shreveport Refinery (Calumet Lubricants), Shreveport, Louisiana 35,000 bpd St. Charles Refinery (Valero), Norco, Louisiana 260,000 bpd Westlake Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Westlake, Louisiana 247,000 * Michigan Detroit Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), Detroit, Michigan 100,000 bpd * Minnesota Pine Bend Refinery (Flint Hills Resources), Rosemount, Minnesota 265,000 bpd St. Paul Park Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), St. Paul Park, Minnesota 70,000 bpd * Mississippi Lumberton Refinery (Hunt Southland Refining), Lumberton, Mississippi 5,800 bpd Pascagoula Refinery (Chevron), Pascagoula, Mississippi 325,000 bpd Vicksburg Refinery (Ergon), Vicksburg, Mississippi 23,000 bpd Rogerslacy Refinery (Hunt Southland Refining), Sandersville, Mississippi 11,000 bpd * Montana Billings Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Billings, Montana 58,000 bpd Billings Refinery (ExxonMobil), Billings, Montana 60,000 bpd Great Falls Refinery (Holly Corporation via Montana Refining), Great Falls, Montana 8,200 bpd Laurel Refinery (Cenex), Laurel, Montana 55,000 bpd * Nevada Eagle Springs Refinery (Foreland Refining), Eagle Springs, Nevada 1,700 bpd * New Jersey Bayway Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Linden, New Jersey 230,000 bpd Eagle Point Refinery (Sunoco), Westville, New Jersey 145,000 bpd Paulsboro Asphalt Refinery (Citgo), Paulsboro, New Jersey 51,000 bpd Paulsboro Refinery (Valero), Paulsboro, New Jersey 160,000 bpd Perth Amboy Refinery (Chevron), Perth Amboy, New Jersey 80,000 bpd Port Reading Refinery (Hess), Port Reading, New Jersey 62,000 bpd * New Mexico Artesia Refinery (Holly Corporation via Navajo Refining), Artesia, New Mexico 75,000 bpd Bloomfield Refinery (Giant Industries), Bloomfield, New Mexico 16,800 bpd Gallup Refinery (Giant Industries), Gallup, New Mexico 26,000 bpd Lovington Refinery (Holly Corporation), Lovington, New Mexico * North Dakota Mandan Refinery (Tesoro), Mandan, North Dakota 58,000 bpd * Ohio Canton Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), Canton, Ohio 73,000 bpd Lima Refinery (Valero), Lima, Ohio 158,400 bpd Toledo Refinery (BP), Toledo, Ohio 160,000 bpd Toledo Refinery (Sunoco), Toledo, Ohio 160,000 bpd * Oklahoma Ardmore Refinery (Valero), Ardmore, Oklahoma 74,700 bpd Ponca City Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Ponca City, Oklahoma 194,000 bpd Tulsa Refinery (Sinclair Oil), Tulsa, Oklahoma 70,300 bpd Tulsa Refinery (Sunoco), Tulsa, Oklahoma 83,200 bpd Wynnewood Refinery, Wynnewood, Oklahoma 52,500 bpd Ventura Refining and Transmission, Thomas, Oklahoma 14,000 bpd * Pennsylvania Bradford Refinery (American Refining Group), Bradford, Pennsylvania 10,000 bpd Marcus Hook Refinery (Sunoco), Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania 175,000 bpd Philadelphia Refinery (Sunoco), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 335,000 bpd Trainer Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Trainer, Pennsylvania 185,000 bpd United Refining Company, Warren, Pennsylvania 65,000 bpd Wamsutta Oil Refinery (historical), McClintocksville, Pennsylvania * Tennessee Memphis Refinery (Valero), Memphis, Tennessee 180,000 bpd * Texas Baytown Refinery (ExxonMobil), Baytown, Texas 557,000 bpd Big Spring Refinery (Alon USA), Big Spring, Texas 61,000 bpd Beaumont Refinery (ExxonMobil), Beaumont, Texas 348,500 bpd Borger Refinery (ConocoPhillips/EnCana), Borger, Texas 146,000 bpd Corpus Christi Complex (Flint Hills Resources), Corpus Christi, Texas 288,000 bpd Corpus Christi Refinery (Citgo), Corpus Christi, Texas 156,000 bpd Corpus Christi West Refinery (Valero), Corpus Christi, Texas 142,000 bpd Corpus Christi East Refinery (Valero), Corpus Christi, Texas 115,000 bpd Deer Park Refinery (Shell Oil Company), Deer Park, Texas 333,700 bpd El Paso Refinery (Western Refining), El Paso, Texas 107,000 bpd Erickson Refining Corporation (Renexus International Corporation), Spring, Texas 50,000 bpd Houston Refinery (Lyondell-Citgo), Houston, Texas 270,200 bpd Houston Refinery (Valero), Houston, Texas 83,000 bpd bpd McKee Refinery (Valero), Sunray, Texas 158,300 bpd Pasadena Refinery (Crown Central Petroleum), Pasadena, Texas 100,000 bpd Port Arthur Refinery (Total), Port Arthur, Texas 233,500 bpd Port Arthur Refinery (Motiva Enterprises), Port Arthur, Texas 285,000 bpd Port Arthur Refinery (Valero), Port Arthur, Texas 250,000 bpd San Antonio Refinery (Age Refining), San Antonio, Texas 10,300 bpd Sweeny Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Sweeny, Texas 229,000 bpd Texas City Refinery (BP), Texas City, Texas 437,000 bpd Texas City Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), Texas City, Texas 72,000 bpd Texas City Refinery (Valero), Texas City, Texas 210,000 bpd Three Rivers Refinery (Valero), Three Rivers, Texas 90,000 bpd Tyler Refinery (Delek Refining Ltd.), Tyler, Texas 55,000 bpd * Utah North Salt Lake Refinery (Big West Oil), North Salt Lake, Utah 24,400 bpd Salt Lake City Refinery (Chevron), Salt Lake City, Utah 45,000 bpd Salt Lake City Refinery (Tesoro), Salt Lake City, Utah 58,000 bpd Woods Cross Refinery (Holly Corporation), Woods Cross, Utah 26,000 bpd Woods Cross Refinery (Silver Eagle Refining), Woods Cross, Utah 10,200 bpd * Virginia Yorktown Refinery (Giant Industries), Yorktown, Virginia 58,600 bpd * Washington Tesoro Anacortes Refinery (Tesoro), Anacortes, Washington 108,000 bpd Shell Anacortes Refinery (Shell Oil Company), Anacortes, Washington 145,000 bpd Cherry Point Refinery (BP), Blaine, Washington 225,000 bpd ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Ferndale, Washington 96,000 bpd Tacoma Refinery (U.S. Oil and Refining), Tacoma, Washington 35,000 bpd * West Virginia Newell Refinery (Ergon), Newell, West Virginia 19,400 bpd * Wisconsin Superior Refinery (Murphy Oil), Superior, Wisconsin 33,000 bpd * Wyoming Cheyenne Refinery (Frontier Oil), Cheyenne, Wyoming 46,000 bpd Evanston Refinery (Silver Eagle Refining), Evanston, Wyoming 3,000 bpd Evansville Refinery (Little America Refining), Evansville, Wyoming 24,500 bpd Newcastle Refinery (Wyoming Refining), Newcastle, Wyoming 12,500 bpd Sinclair Refinery (Sinclair Oil), Sinclair, Wyoming 66,000 bpd