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What are the names of all the religious books?

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The Christian book is called The Bible.

The Islamic book is called the Quran.

The Jewish book is called the Tanakh.

The Daoist book is called the Dao de Jing.

The Confucian book is called the Analects.

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How do these major religious beliefs differ from one another?

The names of their messiahs and the books they follow. Otherwise they are all the same if you look at it from a non-religious standpoint.

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It would be impossible to name all of the angels in existence. There are millions. But the names of some of them are mentioned--Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and others. The Jewish books, not the old testament itself, but other Jewish religious books, list many other names of angels. And then there are the different ranks of angels--seraphim, cherubim, etc. Look it up sometime, you will be surprised.

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