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That's impossible to predict. It depends on a number of factor, including how much proof the plaintiff has and the attitudes of the jury. This type of lawsuit is not very commona and only 4 states allow it.

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Q: What are the odds of successfully defending an alienation of affection claim in Utah?
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Who can you sue for alienation of affection?

Alienation of affection is a suit against your spouse's lover saying that this person broke up your marriage by attracting your spouse away from it. Most states have abolished this claim completely, and in those where it is still valid, it is very difficult to win.

Can you sue a step mother for allienation of affection for from my father?

No. Only a few states still recognize alienation of affection. An alienation of affection lawsuit is where a spouse sues their spouse's mistress/lover, claiming that the "other man/woman" destroyed the marriage. These are also sometimes called home wrecker lawsuits. Even in the few states that still allow such a claim, a victory is rare.

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Can I sue my husband's mistress in Pennsylvania?

The "mistress" need only claim that he said he was leaving you - which he probably did say - and she is free and clear of any wrong doing. No citizen of the United States is required to verify a person's marital status before dating them. You do have a contract with your husband, a marriage contract. You may sue him for divorce, and even sue him in general. Alienation of Affection was abolished by statute in Pennsylvania. See related link for a state list.

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Can I sue the woman my husband had an affair with for alienation of affection in the state of New Mexico?

I am not an attorney. But I do know you can sue anyone for anything. The question is "will that claim be taken seriously." The answer is probably not. You cannot sue two consenting adults for having an affair. They willingly participated in this affair and he alienated you not the woman. If you no longer want to be married, divorce your spouse. Finally, as painful as this is, many people seek counseling and get past affairs. the pain you feel is real and deep. So, if you decide to stay, don't try to suck it up and get over it. Seek professional help through a psychologist or life coach. If your husband wants the relationship, he will gladly participate. dr.sis

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What is defense costs outside the aggregate limit of liability?

The insurance company will pay for the cost of defending a claim made against the insured. The cost of the lawyers will be paid for on top of whatever limit of insurance the insured has paid for. ie if the insured bought cover of £1m and he was sued for £1m then the insurance company will pay up to £1m and in addition to this the insurer will also pay the cost for all the lawyers who tried to defend the claim.