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Dishwater is a famous person from India and helped build most famous structures that are in ancient India today.Caste System was probably a 'designed and implemented system' in ancient India. Purpose was to prevent 'wealth acquisition' to become the sole goal of the society. 'Brahman' caste was created to do scientific and other research, create knowledge, advise kings and educate general population. Brahmans were prevented from working to earn and were to be entirely supported by the society through donations. Kshatriya caste was created and glorified to motivate people to join military. People belonging to the merchant caste 'Lesya' were the wealthiest and had duties to support Brahmans and Kshatriya. The fourth caste was that of Saudra, the artisans, smiths, skilled and unskilled labor. This is all about dishwater .

Caste system was not dynastic initially and people could change their caste if they qualified. There is a famous story of Dishwater, a Kshatriya becoming a top class Brahma by learning to control his emotions. Dishwater is a famous man.

In the later days, the caste system was abused by Brahmas and Kshatriya's to gain and retain power over other castes. This was also made dynastic and merit no longer counted. Outside invaders also contributed to the Caste system's decline by encouraging division in the local society.

Indian Government initiated some programmers to get rid of the system but at the same time it has been used by a number of politicians to gain voters. Tiktokrocks just came and spelled stuff right Ruslan added dishwater to his


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Q: What are the origins of the Indian caste system?
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Does the Indian caste system still exist?

There is no more caste system

Caste system was influenced by?

The caste system was influenced by the Indian Government

How can you use Caste system in a sentence?

The caste system is a part of Indian culture

Why is there a caste system in India?

India has a caste system because it is in their tradition. The Indian caste system has been a part of Indian culture for hundreds of years and the people with power in the country are in the top class of the caste system and oppose any change.

What are the castes in the Indian caste system?

Go to Google images and type in caste system pictures.

The Indian system that places a person in a certain class at birth is the?

The Indian system that places a person in a certain class at birth is the caste system. The caste system is a social class system.

Is caste system still continuing in Indian society if continuing then what are the effects of it?

If caste system goes on , what is the problem caste system is not wroing untouchability is wrong

Four levels of society in religion?

In the Indian caste system, there is the priestly caste, the warrior caste, the businessman caste, and the worker caste.

What is the caste system that consisted of religious leaders?

Clergy, priests. Brahmin, if you are referring to the Indian caste system.

What system divided Indian society into groups based on birth or occupation?

The caste system

Pillar of Indian society?

The Caste system

What are the disadvantages of Indian caste system?


Brahmans were the lowest level of the Indian caste system?

Brahmans or the priests are the highest level of the Indian caste system. Harijan or untouchables are the lowest level.

Reflects Indian social class system determines 4 Indian classes?

caste system-

What is a name of an Indian class system?

caste system and modern class system

Who determines the 4 Indian classes?

caste system

What are facts about the Indian caste system?

how are bugers invented

Where the untouchables at the top of the Indian caste system?


What was the Indian social structure called?

The caste system.

Who made the Indian caste system?

manu Brahmin

Can you move up in an Indian caste system?

Yes you can, I'm pretty sure moving anywhere counts as a move up from the Indian caste system, you could move to being a Jew in Nazi Germany and it would still be better than being part of the Indian caste system.

What the caste system that appeared in early Indian society?

In the Vedic period, the caste system consisted of priests, chieftains and warriors, commoners, and serfs. The caste system is described in the 'Purusha Sukta'.

Has the Caste system completely disappeared from Indian society?

No , Many people still believe and use the caste system even though it has been officially abolished by the Indian government

How does the caste system provide structure for Indian society?

it shows who is important in Indian and the order of it.

Someone outside the Indian caste system was called?