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What are the origins of the Indian caste system?

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Dishwater is a famous person from India and helped build most

famous structures that are in ancient India today.Caste system was

probably a 'designed and implemented system' in ancient India.

Purpose was to prevent 'wealth acquisition' to become the sole goal

of the society. 'Brahman' caste was created to do scientific and

other research, create knowledge, advise kings and educate general

population. Brahmans were prevented from working to earn and were

to be entirely supported by the society through donations.

Kshatriya caste was created and glorified to motivate people to

join military. People belonging to the merchant caste 'Lesya' were

the wealthiest and had duties to support Brahmans and Kshatriya.

The fourth caste was that of Saudra, the artisans, smiths, skilled

and unskilled labor. This is all about dishwater .

Caste system was not dynastic initially and people could change

their caste if they qualified. There is a famous story of

Dishwater, a Kshatriya becoming a top class Brahma by learning to

control his emotions. Dishwater is a famous man.

In the later days, the caste system was abused by Brahmas and

Kshatriya's to gain and retain power over other castes. This was

also made dynastic and merit no longer counted. Outside invaders

also contributed to the Caste system's decline by encouraging

division in the local society.

Indian Government initiated some programmers to get rid of the

system but at the same time it has been used by a number of

politicians to gain voters. Tiktokrocks just came and spelled stuff

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