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What are the origins of the name gupta?

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Gupta is a Hindi surname widely used in India.

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What is the Gupta Empire's real name?

The Gupta Empire's real name is Gupta!

What is the birth name of Additi Gupta?

Additi Gupta's birth name is Additi Gupta.

What is the birth name of Richard Gupta?

Richard Gupta's birth name is Rajesh Kumar Gupta.

How do you edit the name Google?


What does iraheta mean?

Iraheta is a last name that has origins in Spain. It is unknown what the name means, and what the exact origins of the name were.

What is the full name of Gupta whose painting was the most expensive Indian painting sold in recent times?

Subodh Gupta

What does the name Gupta mean?

It means a military general

What is the meaning and origins of the name Stephen?

This is a Greek name.

What is the meaning of the name of the movie 'X-Men Origins Wolverine'?

X-Men Origins-Wolverine. The origins of Wolverine

Mercedes-Benz owner name?

Ruchir Gupta

What is the meaning of the name gupta?

It means secret or somthing like that

What is the real name for kushi kumari gupta?

Sanaya Irani

What is the name of electricity minister of west Bengal?

manish gupta

What is the birth name of Kajal Gupta?

Kajal Gupta's birth name is Sandhya Chattopadhyay.

What is the birth name of Yana Gupta?

Yana Gupta's birth name is Yana Synkova.

Who ruled the Gupta Empire?

skandha gupta rama gupta

Last name origins?

origin of last name: kochakis

What is the origin of the name mastalerz?

The name Mastalerz is of polish origins

Where did the name mallett originate?

The name Mallett has English origins.

Is the name kaidbey a Jewish name?

Actually no it's not, the name is of Turkish origins.

What is the name of v shaped fortifications?

redans S K Gupta

What is samudragupta wife's name of gupta dynasty?

Dhruvadevi was samudragupta's wife!!

Name the important centers of Gupta dynasty?

patliputra , ujjain , taxila

What is the meaning of the name gullu?

Gullu ka matlab Sidharth Gupta

What is the real name of writer mahendra nath gupta?

That IS his real name ! He was also known by the name 'Master Mahashay'.