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What are the plug lead positions on the distributor of a mk 2 fista?


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It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure the 'firing order' for the mk 2 fiesta is 1-3-4-2. So if you look at engine from the front #1 cylinder is the left one (furthest from distributor). The easiest way to align you engine timing/firing order is to remove the cam-belt cover on the left-hand side of engine (10mm socket, bit of a squeeze). You will now be able to see the timing marks on the cam pulley wheel & engine block, to line these up put the car in 1st gear and rock/push the car enough to turn the pulley without starting the car. you now have the firing position for #1 cylinder, the 'dizzy' cap only fits one way so fit lead for #1 where the rota arm is positioned, bear in mind the engine rotates anti-clockwise as look across engine bay from near side or towards you if you standing in front. Fit lead for #3, #4 then #2.


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Number 1 plug position will be listed on the cap. Now if you know the firing order, and you know the direction the distributor is turning, you then will know plug positions as connected to the distributor cap.

whats the motor.....but regardless if you follow the plug wires they lead to the distributor cap. v6 has 6 plug wires.....one to each plug and all of the on the distributor cap.......v8 has 8 plugs with their wires leading from each plug to the distributor cap

On top of the distributor. Follow the spark plug wires. They lead to the distributor.

rotor should point at number 1 plug lead when engine is at tdc make a mark with whiteout ,on outside of distributor before you remove distributor cap. make this mark where the #1 spark plug lead would be if distributor cap was on distributor when you remove cap this is where rotor needs to be pointing

Faulty plug lead, and/or distributor cap,if applicable

Depends on the make/model/year vehicle.. depends on who set the distributor. easier again shortest lead to nearest plug ....second shortest to second plug and so on

4.3? Follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs, they will lead you right to the distributor.

The distributor rotor spins inside the distributor and makes contact with the electrode going to each plug wire, thus firing that plug at just the right time. On a car with coil on plug this is done by a signal from the computer.

On the 4.3L V6 the distributor is located in the back of the engine, in the middle. Just follow the spark plug wires and they will lead you to it.

Not sure, but you might find an old Chiltons manual on Amazon or Ebay.

It does not use a distributor, it has a coil on each plug.It does not use a distributor, it has a coil on each plug.

The Toyota Camry used distributors in its engines up to 1996. Just follow the spark plug wires. They will lead right to the distributor.

It does not have a distributor or plug wires, there is a coil over each spark plug.It is called a coil on plug system.It does not have a distributor or plug wires, there is a coil over each spark plug.It is called a coil on plug system.

Remove the spark plugs, use a spanner to turn the crankshaft until you see a piston at the top of the cylinder (top dead centre), that is the chamber about to fire so the lead from that plug should be matched to whichever lead the rotor arm inside the distributor cap is in contact with, or is about to contact. Repeat the procedure to determine the 2nd and 3rd in the firing sequence, then you can guess where the last one goes.

Assuming this is the 4.3L engine, the distributor cap would be found in the back of the engine on top. All the spark plug wires lead to it.

The COIL PACK TOWERS are numbered : coil----3---4 pack---2---6 plug----1---5

There is no distributor. The ignition system is coil on plug type. Each plug has its own coil.

it has to be the distributor cap or rotor or wires...plug wires.

It is in the very back of the engine. Just follow a plug wire from the spark plug to the distributor cap. It is hard to see. All the plug wires start at the distributor and then hook to each plug.

Assuming this is the pinto with the distributor on the left side of the engine Look in to the engine compartment no 1 plug lead is the one on the furthest back on the right of the distributor as you look at it

Yes, if the spark plug wires can be connected to the distributor and works.

Plug wires in wrong order, distributor out of sync,Plug wires in wrong order, distributor out of sync,

Spark plug, plug wire, distributor cap, injector, internal engineSpark plug, plug wire, distributor cap, injector, internal engine

If it has a distributor, then all the plug wires will merge at the distributor. Follow the wires.

hey. number 1 lead goes 2 left spark plug, then 2 on the 2nd, 3 on the 3rd and so on. the the number 1 lead goes on to top left plug of distributor, 2nd on the top right, 3 on the bottom left, :-)... the distributor is on a slight angle, but when ur looking at it ul get it, hope this he;ps

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