What are the plug lead positions on the distributor of a mk 2 fista?

It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure the 'firing order' for the mk 2 fiesta is 1-3-4-2. So if you look at engine from the front #1 cylinder is the left one (furthest from distributor). The easiest way to align you engine timing/firing order is to remove the cam-belt cover on the left-hand side of engine (10mm socket, bit of a squeeze). You will now be able to see the timing marks on the cam pulley wheel & engine block, to line these up put the car in 1st gear and rock/push the car enough to turn the pulley without starting the car. you now have the firing position for #1 cylinder, the 'dizzy' cap only fits one way so fit lead for #1 where the rota arm is positioned, bear in mind the engine rotates anti-clockwise as look across engine bay from near side or towards you if you standing in front. Fit lead for #3, #4 then #2.