What are the possible causes for a 1985 Chevy Celebrity 2.5 not able to keep time?

As you may already know, on the Celebrity 2.5L, Chevrolet makes it almost impossible to even reach the distributor, Inside the distributor is a control module,this module has a habit of burning out about every year, so you might need to replace it in order for the car to even start so you can time the thing. Also the hold down clamp and bolt on this year and model of celebrity has a habit of working loose, so check to see if it is tight, or the distributor will turn and go out of timing. Remember on the 2.5L timing is set at eight degrees. If you are having roblems starting the car, such as the engine turns and seems to want to start but doesn't, then the module may be bad. good luck, because the distrubitor is hard to get to..............

I had the magnet peice in the DIST. come loose and rotate back and forth on the shaft.

What a bear to figure out. It would be in time,Then jump time,and jump back again!

But some locktite on the shaft took care of that about 200,000 miles ago.

PS Mine is a 1986 2.5L "THE DUKE" GETERDONE!