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Check the voltage at the brake switch. See if it is adjusted properly to turn the switch ON when the brake pedal is pushed. If that works but the brake lights still do not come on, check the turn signal switch inside the steering column. You will have to remove the steering wheel. Rent or buy a wheel puller, remove the horn button inthe middle of the wheel, remove the horn wire from the electrical connector in the wheel, remove the large nut that holds the wheel in place then use the wheel puller to pull the steering wheel. There may be a large washer looking piece of metal over the switch. The turn signal switch disconnects the brake light for that side when you turn on the signal then the turn signal flashes on that bulb. If the turn signal switch is damaged or just plain worn out it will stop working. Also the problem maybe the bulb panel, for lack of a better word. This is where the three bulbs plug into behind the rear lens. It has a main pig tail that plugs into it giving it power and ground. When the connections in the panel go bad from breakage or corrosion they have to be replaced, around $30 a set.

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Q: What are the problems for the brake lights not working on a 1995 Chevy silverado you have already checked the bulbs changed the fuse and replaced the brake switch?
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mine did the same thing and would not stop until i changed the brake lines also, then it stoped.

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