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What are the problems with replacing the throw-out bearing on a 1994 Ford F 250?


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2007-07-20 03:28:47
2007-07-20 03:28:47

There can possibly be no major problem with changing a throw-out bearing, as long as you do your homework first. Probably the most difficult of the whole project will be removing the transmission. All you need to do is make sure you have enough room underneath the truck to bring the transmission out. Take your time undoing all the bolts and remember to support the transmission while doing so. Once the trannys out its pretty straight forward from there to remove the throw-out bearing, just follow your service manual. To install, just reverse the removal steps.


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remove the gearbox. the throwout bearing will be on the input shaft . remove the clip and put a new one on . no special tools needed just a few sockets and spanners

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A lot. The Acura Legend has one of the most expensive replacement costs for a clutch I've ever seen. Suppliers that carry the pats are few and far between, and the parts alone range from $350-$950 for the clutch & $400-$700 for the flywheel (depending on 5 or 6 speed design). The throwout bearing is about $150 as well. Then factor in about $350-1000 for labor, depending on who you know and how good they are at what they do. Personal advice: if you have a 6-speed and need the clutch / flywheel / throwout bearing replaced, use a 5-speed instead. The flywheel is lighter for better fuel economy, and clutch feel is better. It's also cheaper, too.

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