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There is no procedure. There are ways... get married to US Citizen, get company to sponser you and then apply for citizenship... sorry no procedure.

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Q: What are the procedures that Mexicans must go through to become a US citizen?
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Can a US citizen become a citizen of Ireland?

There would be procedures to go through, but the answer is yes.

Why can't a non-us citizen become citizen?

A non-citzen can become a citizen in the US if they follow the proper procedures.

If i become a Mexican American citizen do you waive your Mexican rights?

Last time I checked no. Even if you become a citizen of Mexico, you don't have all of the rights of native mexicans.

How does a non citizen become a citizen?

You have to go through the process.

Should Mexicans be allowed to become citizens in the US?

Any person can become a US Citizen by fulfilling all lawful requirements.

What are the procedures after marrying a legal alien in order to become a citizen?

go see a Lawyer

Can I Lose US Citizenship if I Become Canadian Citizen?

You can lose it if you become a Canadian citizen through Naturalization.

Can a person become a US Citizen through having children with a US Citizen?

No. but if you marry a us citizen you can.

Can a Mexican citizen become an American citizen?

Of course they can. It takes about 5 years to go through the naturalization process and it isn't free, but they can become an American citizen.

Can a felon resident alien become a citizen through marriage to a another u.s citizen?


How can a person become a us citizen?

A person may become a U.S. citizen (1) by birth or (2) through naturalization.

Is it true or false that the supreme court carries out most of the country's procedures for a person to become a US citizen?


Do a person have to be a born citizen to run for congress?

No they do not have to be born a US Citizen. They can become a citizen through the naturalization process.

Will a Canadian become an American citizen by marrying an American citizen?

Yes, You have to go through a tough process but yes a Canadian can become a Citizen by marrying an American.

How can an immigrant become Canadian citizen?

it's not that special, you get it through settlement or taking citizen test.

How does a person become a citizen through jus sanguinis?

A person becomes a citizen through jus sanguinis by having parents who are citizen of that country. It means right by blood.

How can someone become a citizen in a country?

It varies from country to country. To become a citizen of the USA, you'd need to apply for naturalization and citizenship through parents.

How many kinds of US citizenships are there?

One. You are a citizen, or you are not. You can become a citizen through the naturalization process, or you can be born a citizen. There are no 'second class' citizens.

Can a UK citizen become a us citizen?

Yes, but no automatically. They would have to go through the normal application process.

How long does it take for you to become a citizen after marrying a US citizen?

Just because you marry a legal citizen, it does not make you a leagal citizen. When I married my husband who was a legal alien he still had to go through the same channels to become a legal US citizen and he had to be sworn in.

How can a Canadian citizen become a US citizen?

can a Canadian citizen become us citizen

In the united states what is the definition of a naturalized citizen?

In the United States, a naturalized citizen is foreign born person who has become a citizen through legal means.

How does someone become a naturalized citizen?

they go through the naturalization process, or they have to have a U.S citizen parent, or they have to live in a U.S territory.

If a minor was raised in the US illegally can they become a legal immigrant through marriage when they reach the age of majority?

Yes. If the illegal immigrant marries a citizen, they can become a citizen from that.

Will you become a legal resident if you are from Jamaica and are marrying your boyfriend who is a US citizen and you are about to have a child?

No. The process of becoming a US citizen by marrying a US citizen is no longer applicable. The person must apply for citizenship through required legal procedures. However,it is understood that baring any unusual circumstances citizenship will be granted. A child born in the US becomes a US citizen with all the rights and privileges thereof.