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Gayle- There are basicly 3 types of filters. Sand, Cartridge, and D.E. filter. Differences being numerous, but in a nut shell is the ease of maintence and care and the size micron of particle they will filter out of the water. With that said sand is the easist to maintain regularly but, cart., and DE filters filter out smaller particles. DE filter out the smallest particle but, with the most difficult to maintain and repair etc. Hope this all helps, Mystic Waters Inc. GA

There's a relatively new filter medium available called zeolite, which is a volcanic sand rather than the usual silica sand. Because each grain of zeolite has one hundred times the surface area of a grain of sand, zeolite used in a sand filter filters almost as effectively as a D.E. filter while being much easier to maintain. I'd absolutely recommend that you look into zeolite before buying a D.E. filter.

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Q: What are the pros and cons and differences between sand and D. E. pool filters?
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Are Salt water pool filter different from fresh water pool filters.?

Salt water pool filters are the same as fresh water pool filters.

Does pool filters take out the chemicals?

No pool chemicals pass through the filters.

What type of rocks are used in pool filters?

SAnd is used in sand filters. rocks are not used in pool filters.

How long do pool filters last?

I think pool filters last about 10 years.

What is the difference between indoor pool filter and an outdoor pool filter?

There is no diference. There are different types of pool filters, but it has more to do with how they filter then their application or location.

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Why doesn't the pool filter run?

Pool filters do not get cloged the pump is the problem

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Are above ground and in ground pool motors the same?

They are similar, but there are some differences between the two.

What is the regular pool supply needed for a household pool?

You need different filters for the pool, such as: sand filters, cartridge filters, and the diatomaceous earth or DE filter. Pool cleaning supplies are also good to have, such as: brushes, water level checkers, nets to get out debris, and cleaners like chlorine. Test strips will be needed for tracking the balance of your PH levels.

What sand is used in sand filters?

The most common sand used in pool filters is #20 silica sand.

What kind of insects breed in above-ground swimming pool filters and look like gnats in the pool water?

Hmm, sounds like you need to superchlorinate and/or clean the filter. Gnats or insects do not breed in pool filters.

How often do you replace paper pool filters?

4 years

What chemicals do you use to clean your pool filters?

muriatic acid

Do pool filters take out chemicals?

No, only particle matter.

What are most pool cartridge filters made of?

Cartridge pool filters are made of polyester cloth or corrugated paper. The filter can be washed with a hose and should be replaced after up to 8 years.

Who manufactures Purex Triton Meteor sand pool filters?


How large can a pool be before it needs pool filters?

Pool filters keep the water circulating and algae out of pools. So, any size pool you pick that you want to remain bacteria free would need a filter. Usually a pool that is put up for long term use would need a filter.

What kind of pool filters are most energy-efficient?

A great source for energy-saving pool supplies is Hayward. They offer a whole line called Hayward Energy Solution pool products including filters, pumps and more. Anthony & Sylvan Pools also offers energy-saving filters and components. Choose the pool filter best fitting your pool size. Retailers will gladly help you find the right one.

Where can one find many varieties of swimming pool filters?

A range of swimming pool filters can be found in building supplies stores and at places such as Home Depot, Walmart, Overstock, Amazon, eBay, and Tesco.

Are there health differences between a salt water pool vs a regular chlorine pool?

they are both chlorine pools. the salt pool just keeps u from having to deal with chlorione tablets and chlorine shocks.

What are the pros and cons between a fiberglass pool vs a liner in a ground pool?

go with vinyl... fiberglass are plain with a vinyl u can go "custom" shape and liner pattern... with fiberglass u get what they make and that's it.

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One of the swimming pool products that is sold by Jandy is filters for the pool. Another of the swimming pool products sold by Jandy is water sanitizers.