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Gayle- There are basicly 3 types of filters. Sand, Cartridge, and D.E. filter. Differences being numerous, but in a nut shell is the ease of maintence and care and the size micron of particle they will filter out of the water. With that said sand is the easist to maintain regularly but, cart., and DE filters filter out smaller particles. DE filter out the smallest particle but, with the most difficult to maintain and repair etc. Hope this all helps, Mystic Waters Inc. GA

There's a relatively new filter medium available called zeolite, which is a volcanic sand rather than the usual silica sand. Because each grain of zeolite has one hundred times the surface area of a grain of sand, zeolite used in a sand filter filters almost as effectively as a D.E. filter while being much easier to maintain. I'd absolutely recommend that you look into zeolite before buying a D.E. filter.

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Q: What are the pros and cons and differences between sand and D. E. pool filters?
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What type of rocks are used in pool filters?

SAnd is used in sand filters. rocks are not used in pool filters.

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I think pool filters last about 10 years.

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There is no diference. There are different types of pool filters, but it has more to do with how they filter then their application or location.

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Yes, salt water pool filters are different from fresh water pool filters. Salt water pools use a chlorine generator to convert salt into chlorine, which is then dispersed through the pool’s filtration system. Fresh water pools on the other hand, require chlorine to be added directly to the pool in order for it to remain clean and safe for swimming. While both types of filters have their own specific purpose and features, salt water pools tend to require less maintenance as compared to fresh water ones since there is no need for regular chlorine additions.

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