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What are the pros and cons of building a round pool vs the normal oblong shape?


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I assume you are referring to above ground pools. First off, some yards will only fit an oval pool because of yard size, property lines, trees and underground utilities. However, if you can fit either a round or oval pool then your purchase has several pros and cons, Round Pools: Cost 30-40% less Easier to install, typically in one day. Easier for the Do-It Yourself type. Variety of sizes that can meet any yard size and budget. Much more selection of models from inexpensive to luxorious. Oval Pools: Cost more Limited sizes for example, 12'x24', 15'x30' 16'x32' 18'x33' Are great for a limited space of narrow yard Longer installation time. Would only recommend a professional experienced installer. They have more parts then a round pool because the strait sides have greater amount of water pressure on them then a round pool which as an equal amount of pressure when filled. Therefore, they must be perfectly level, and require many additional parts like bracing on the sides on some models. For more information about pools or questions contact me at www.ccpoolspa.com Regardless, I believe any pool is a great investment and will bring lots of fun and joy to any family. JP You can also do laps in an oval pool!


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