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What are the pros and cons of the patriot act?


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Pros: Useful in case of a real terrorist attack which is very unlikely

Makes people feel like they are more protected (which is a lie)

Makes some soldiers feel like they are trying to defend the act and increase the chances for men and women to join the army.

Cons: Abuses the Bill of Rights,

Opens up a gate way to pass other bills, like the "Cyber Security Act" which is just a way to take control of the internet. (There are already tons of executive orders to shut down the entire infrastructure of America.) They are trying to pass it because of the Stuxnet Virus(that's what they "claim" but they're lying)

Anyone can be a terrorist now. Did you know they(government) is claiming that, gun owners, libertarians, constitutionalists (people who believe in the constitution), tea party members are possible terrorist.