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Easy to find parts as most junk yards still have an abundance of Camaros hanging around, and there are a few fairly reliable sites dedicated to thirdgen parts, though slightly more expensive than the junk yards.

Fairly good on gas if it has been taken care of, and a turbo is fairly easily installed if you want a reasonable amount of performance (there is a lot of space to work around a 6 cylinder.) A throttle body spacer is also easily installed along with a k&n air filter, adding a few horse power because of improved air intake.... in short, the car is easily modded, and there is an abundance of support online on how to do so... switching the ignition coil out is also a good idea.

Lots of body mods and accessories available... the car just looks good pretty much no matter what you do to it.


The 2.8 doesn't start out with a lot of balls, so if you ever intend on racing, and don't care too much about fuel efficiency, then an 8 cylinder is a better option than a 6 with a turbo, and switching it out later isn't really a smart idea financially.

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Q: What are the pros and cons to a 1989 Camaro 2.8l?
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