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Completeness, Clarity, Consideration, Organization

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Q: What are the qualities of effecient and effective correspondent?
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Does the bureaucracy in the Philippines effecient and effective?

Everything in the Philippines is effective, baby!

Which brand of copier is most efficient and reliant?

An HP copier is very effecient and effective.

What are the qualities of an effective paragraph?

For a paragraph to be effective, it must possess three characteristics. It should have qualities such as unity, development, and coherence.

Is there any truth to one sprinkler being more effecient that another brand?

No, they all shoot out water just as effective as the next.

What qualities make a logo effective?


What are the three criteria necessary for an effective and effecient network?

Reliability is one thing that is necessary for an effective and efficient network. Other criteria that must be met for an effective and efficient network includes security, and it must also perform well.

What qualities make any form of written communication effective and which qualities do you already include in your writing and how can you incorporate additional effective elements?

Maronda Childs

What qualities make written communication effective?

skills and knowledge and attitude towards it

What are the qualities a researcher?

He/she must be research oriented, honest, effective, resourceful, economical.

For an object to be effective as a symbol for something it has to?

have qualities and connotations that match what it is supposed to symbolize.

What are five qualities of an effective manager?

planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding, controlling.

What are the qualities of an effective referee?

Some of the qualities of an effective referee include the ability to make fair judgments and the ability to speak clearly. A referee must also be impartial and must pay attention at all times.

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