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What are the qualities of effecient and effective correspondent?

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Completeness, Clarity, Consideration, Organization

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Does the bureaucracy in the Philippines effecient and effective?

Everything in the Philippines is effective, baby!

Which brand of copier is most efficient and reliant?

An HP copier is very effecient and effective.

What are the qualities of an effective paragraph?

For a paragraph to be effective, it must possess three characteristics. It should have qualities such as unity, development, and coherence.

Is there any truth to one sprinkler being more effecient that another brand?

No, they all shoot out water just as effective as the next.

What are the three criteria necessary for an effective and effecient network?

Reliability is one thing that is necessary for an effective and efficient network. Other criteria that must be met for an effective and efficient network includes security, and it must also perform well.

What qualities make a logo effective?


What qualities make any form of written communication effective and which qualities do you already include in your writing and how can you incorporate additional effective elements?

Maronda Childs

What are the qualities of a researcher do you possess and why?

as a researcher, i possess the following qualities such as honest, effective and resourceful.W hy? because these re the qualities needed in researching.

What actors and actresses appeared in CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite - 1962?

The cast of CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite - 1962 includes: Betsy Aaron as Herself - Correspondent Ed Bradley as Himself - Correspondent Winston Burdett as Himself - Correspondent Connie Chung as Herself - Correspondent Connie Chung as Herself - Washington Correspondent (1972-1977) Walter Cronkite Walter Cronkite as himself Walter Cronkite as Himself - Anchor David Culhane as Himself - Correspondent Randy Daniels as Himself - Correspondent Harold Dow as Himself - Correspondent Terry Drinkwater as Himself - Correspondent Bruce Dunning as Himself - Correspondent Jed Duvall as Himself - Correspondent Bob Faw as Himself - Correspondent Bernard Goldberg as Himself - Correspondent Buck Henry as G. Clifford Prout Jeffrey Hunter as himself Chet Huntley as himself Sara Jane Moore as herself Bernard Kalb as Himself - Correspondent Marvin Kalb as Himself - Correspondent Charles Kuralt as Himself - Correspondent Sharron Lovejoy as Herself - Correspondent Marya McLaughlin as Herself - Correspondent Bob McNamara as Himself - Correspondent Roger Mudd as himself Roger Mudd as Himself - Anchor Roger Mudd as Himself - Correspondent Larry Naschel Ike Pappas as Himself - Correspondent Robert Pierpoint as Himself - Correspondent Bill Plante as Himself - Correspondent Bert Quint as Himself - Correspondent Dan Rather as Himself - Correspondent Hughes Rudd as Himself - Correspondent Bob Schieffer as Himself - Correspondent Bob Schieffer as Himself - Washington Correspondent (1969-1979) Daniel Schorr as Himself - Correspondent Doug Sefton as Himself - Correspondent Barry Serafin as Himself - Correspondent Eric Sevareid as Himself - Correspondent Bernard Shaw as Himself - Washington Correspondent (1972-1977) Lesley Stahl as Herself - Correspondent Lesley Stahl as Herself - Washington Correspondent (1972-1977) Jan Tennet as Herself - Correspondent Lee Thornton as Herself - Correspondent Richard Threlkeld as Himself - Correspondent Liz Trotta as Herself - Correspondent Doug Tunnell as Himself - Correspondent Burt Ward as himself Adam West as himself

What are the qualities of an effective referee?

Some of the qualities of an effective referee include the ability to make fair judgments and the ability to speak clearly. A referee must also be impartial and must pay attention at all times.

What qualities make written communication effective?

skills and knowledge and attitude towards it

For an object to be effective as a symbol for something it has to?

have qualities and connotations that match what it is supposed to symbolize.

What are the qualities a researcher?

He/she must be research oriented, honest, effective, resourceful, economical.

What are five qualities of an effective manager?

planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding, controlling.

What are the qualities of a effective goal?

An Effective Goal is a Attainable Goal with hard work. a low aim never hit a high mark.

How do you use correspondent in a sentence?

I am meeting my secret correspondent in just a few moments. You are my favorite correspondent.

Qualities of an effective sports leader?

Qualities of an effective sports leader include; You should consider that even an effective sports leader is likely to be a retarded pussyhole and it's not even a prober job. Oh and they probably like sweaty men (like most guys in the army do), what does that spell to you?

What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond Tomorrow - 1988?

The cast of Beyond Tomorrow - 1988 includes: Renee Chenault as Correspondent (1989) Gary Cubberley as Correspondent Susan Hunt as Correspondent Dave Marash as Correspondent (1989) Randy Meier as Correspondent Barry Nolan as Correspondent (1989) Richard Wiese as Correspondent

What are the qualities of valuable information in computers?

Qualities of valuable information in computers include: Accurate Verifiable Timely Organized Accessible Useful Cost-effective

What part of speech is correspondent?

The word 'correspondent' is a noun.

When did Correspondent die?

Correspondent died in 1965, in USA.

What is the difference between correspondent and correspondence?

A correspondent is a person who engages in correspondence (the exchange of written communication). The other uses of the term correspondent are not directly connected to this meaning (in media, a correspondent is a reporter; in allegations of adultery, the correspondent is the person outside the marriage).

When was Asian Correspondent created?

Asian Correspondent was created in 2009.

When was Correspondent born?

Correspondent was born in 1950, in California, USA.

What does correspondent mean?

correspondent means someone who writes letters.