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Cats can meow because they want affection from you. Sometimes they're actually talking to you. I have a 10 year old tabby named Molly that will come up to me and meow and I'll ask her what she wants. She'll go directly to her dish if she wants treats, or I may not have filled her water dish up high enough or she may simply just be talking to me so I pick her up and pet her and then she's happy.

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Q: What are the reasons a cat may be meowing?
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Symptoms of a dying cat?

The symtoms of a cat dying are meowing, smell like rotten eggs, meowing, sneezing, meowing, vomiting, meowing, licking itself and of course meowing!

How do you keep a cat from meowing?

There is no known way to keep a cat from meowing. Meowing is a cat's only natural way of communicating.

Why does your cat meow a lot?

It probably wants your attention. If the cat has not been fixed, it could be the animal is in heat.Well I guess it depends on the cat. mine does, but my grandmas doesn't the cat may want you to do something for it. For example, if your cat is an outdoor cat, she may be meowing at the door which means she would like to go outdoors. Meowing can mean many things. Look out for clues that tell you why she is meowing or what she wants. Or, your cat might just be downright chatty!!! :D

How do you make a cat stop meowing when in heat?

You can not stop a cat from meowing when she is in heat. The only way stop the heat cycles is to spay her.

How do you get your cat to stop meowing because it is going through heat?

You can not stop a cat from meowing if it is in heat, you must bring her to the vet and get her fixed

Your cat is meowing you think something is wrong?

The meowing of a cat is perfectly normal. I its his/her way of asking for something or loving you. If something is wrong your cat will probably be lazy and growling.

What are the symptoms if a cat is bitten?

meowing alot

What are the symptoms of becoming a cat?

First symptom is generally more frequent meowing, along with that you may start eating a lot of cat food

What are the 2 uses of a prepositional phrase?

Answer:Prepositional phrases are modifiers. They can either function as an adverb or as an adjective. Take the following sentence, for example:The cat on the couch is meowing at the dog."On the couch" and "at the dog" are both prepositional phrases. The first prepositional phrase is modifying a noun, "cat". It's describing where the cat is. The second is modifying a verb, "is meowing". It's describing HOW the cat is meowing, or what it is meowing at.

What's it mean when your cat is madly meowing at you but is wagging her tail?

If your cat is madly meowing and wagging its tail, it could be hungry. She might also want attention.

What makes more noise than a cat meowing outside your window?

Seven cats meowing outside your window.

How loud is a cat's meow?

It depends, how is the cat meowing?

What does it mean when a cat is constantly meowing at you?

The cat is unhappy about something - but exactly what, I cannot say.

What happens if a cat drinks vodka?

He starts meowing in russian.

What is a 8 letter word for meowing pet?

pussy cat

How will a cat behavior when she is about to give birth?

Your cat will behave in a panic! She will be in labor meowing and acting sick!

What are the symptoms of a cat being in heat?

When a female cat is in heat she may often start howling (meowing very loud) as well as start rubbing her head on the floor or your furniture.

How do you know if a kitten is on heat?

A kitten cant be on heat only a catthe cat may:1.Be meowing a lot2.Be rolling around3.Wanting to go outside

How do cats act before they die?

It depends on how the cat is dying. If the cat is in pain, they could be meowing a lot, making noises a lot. If the cat is sick but you didn't know because the cat may not know itself, the cat could die silently.

What happens if your cat stops meowing?

um..... nothing i dont think?!

What is a word that ends in -ing that describes a cat?

meowing and annoying

What does it mean when a cat is breathing and meowing but not moving?

it means the cat is probably sleeping and also having a dream.

Why does your new cat keep meowing?

because it hates the owner at first sight and probably for 3-4 more years. After that the cat may start liking its owner, but this is very rare.

Why does your cat keep meowing?

There could be many reasons for this like- - It wants attentions like to be held, and cuddled with. - It is hungry, have you forgotten to feed your cat today? - It wants to play, get out a toy and play with your bored cat. - It is singing, cats sometimes sing to amuse themselves when they have nothing to do.

Why does my cat sit in a corner and stare at the ceiling then begin meowing at the ceiling for no reason?

the cat is praying to the almighty ceilingcat