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What are the residency requirements for New York state medicaid?

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Does Medicaid cover Mirena?

Coverage may vary from state to state. In New York, Mirena is fully covered on Medicaid.

Will Medicaid pay for gastric bypass surgery?

will medicaid (new york state) pay for gastric bypass?

Does Medicaid cover vasectomies in new york?

Yes, New York State Medicaid covers vasectomy. Finding a health care provider who takes Medicaid and performs vasectomy is more challenging.

How long can you live in a new state without changing residency?

Laws of individual states may vary, but as to New York state, a New York State resident is defined as a person who lives in New York with the intent that New York be their "fixed and permanent" place to reside. Evidence of Residency - A person who lives in a home, apartment or room in New York state for 90 days or more is considered to have "presumptive evidence" that she is a resident of New York. Establishing Residency Under New York state law - a person has established residency in New York state when he pays New York state taxes and has a New York state driver's license or identification card, a New York state voter registration card and bank accounts within the state.

What is the process for out of state marriages?

The first step is to research the marriage laws in the state the marriage will take place. Some states like New York, have residency requirements, which do not allow out of state residents to apply for a marriage license. However, Hawaii, Las Vegas. Florida, and California do not have waiting periods or residency requirements. The next step involves applying for a marriage license and paying the appropriate fee.

How do you report Medicaid fraud in the State Of New York?

Contact the Office of Medicaid Inspector General @ 518-473-3782

How long does it take to be approved for medicaid in new york state?

two weeks

Where can I apply for Medicaid at?

If you live in New York State, you can go to the website which is part of the Health Services department to apply for Medicaid. All states have similar websites.

What is timely filing limit for new york state medicaid?

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Are gay Australians allowed to marry in New York?

Yes, there is no residency or citizenship requirements for marriage in New York state and same-sex marriage is legal there. Whether the marriage will be recognized in Australia upon the couple's return is another question.

Can you transfer a security guard license from New York to Pennsylvania?

Different states may have different regulations and residency requirements.

If married in France can you divorce in ny?

Yes, you can divorce in New York state no matter where you married, providing that at least one spouse meets the residency requirements for divorce in New York State. Currently, you must live in NY state for 1 full year before filing for divorce. If your spouse has never lived in New York state and the causes of the divorce did not occur in New York state and you were married elsewhere, then you must wait 2 full years.

What are the divorce laws here in New York?

In order to file for divorce in New York, you have to be sure that you meet the state residency requirements. If the court finds out that it does not have the jurisdiction to hear your case it can be tossed out. For more information about New York divorce laws please see

Are Licensed Mental Health Counselor reimbursed by medicaid?

Only if the LMHC is employed by an OMH agency in New York State.

Does New York City Medicaid cover contraceptives?

Yes, NYC Medicaid covers contraceptives.

What is the main religious requirements of New York?

New York State as one of the United States of America has no religious requirements. The citizens of New York may follow any religion that they choose or none if they choose.

Where can one go to find supplemental medical insurance in New York State?

There are many different places that one can go in order to find supplemental medical insurance in New York State. One can go to State Farm, Medicaid, and other companies.

What diagnosis codes can you use for medicaid to cover STDs?

In the state of New York, medicaid covers STD screening (V745.) as well as diagnosis and treatment of specific STDs. Check with your favorite biller for information specific to your location and practice.

Does New York state medicaid cover chiropractic care?

I was searching for the same question to be answered...the answer I found is...NYS will only cover the deductible that Medicare does not pay. In other words, I am assuming, unless you are also on Medicare, Medicaid does not pay for chiropractic care. It seems that it is just about the only state that does not.

Does new york require certification of pharmacist techs?

Every state requires certification of pharmacy techs but the requirements may very from state to state.

Timely filing for New York Medicaid?

90 days

Does medicaid pay for tubal reversal in new york?

As of 1996 New York was one of the states that medicaid did cover a tubal reversal. The best way to find out for sure is to talk to an Ob/Gyn.

Does Medicaid from Florida cover you in New York?

Yes, if the NY provider is willing to bill Florida Medicaid. If you're moving to NY, you'll need to get your Florida Medicaid canceled, and apply in NY.

Can a same-sex couple from Delaware marry in New York City?

Yes, there is no residency requirement for marriage in New York State. Beginning January 1, 2012, that New York marriage will be recognized as a civil union in Delaware.

How did senator Clinton get residency in New York?

Senator Hillary Clinton bought a house in Chappaqua, New York to acquire residency. Clinton won the election and was sworn into office in January 2001.