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There isn't necessarily a "rule book" for being a veterinarian. However, veterinarians are governed both by the laws of the area in which they work (typically a mix of federal/state and state/province/muncipality laws) as well as the veterinarian's oath.
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Q: What are the rules of being a veterinarian?
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How is trigonometry used in being a veterinarian?

its not

How much is college for being a veterinarian?

how much is college to become a veterinarian IT is 900000000000000000000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000no seriously

What are the education requirements for a large animal veterinarian?

what are the benefits of being a large animal veterinarian

Do goats have to be checked for johnes disease before being transported from one state to another?

It depends on the states individual rules I would talk to your Agricultural Department or your veterinarian.

Are there unions for the profession of being a veterinarian?

the profession of being a veterinarian is that there is always good opportunities for them to be offered and to given to them as a promtion at work in the profession department.

What does being a Veterinarian have to do with Agriculture?

Being a veterinarian has everything to with Agriculture. (With the exception of small pets) They treat every animal in the field with medical attention.

Where do you start being a veterinarian?

You have to go to school to be one.

What are the drawbacks of being a veterinarian?

As a veterinarian you have to accept to bring down people's best friends. It is hard, it is tedeous and painful.

Does Being A Veterinarian Involve Biology?

Yes, biology is the foundational knowledge that informs almost every task that a veterinarian performs.

What health and safety issues are involved in being a veterinarian?

health and saftey being a vet

What are facts about being a veterinarian?

you have to go to school for 4 years

When do you retire from being a veterinarian?

WHen you are old and can not opperate on an animal anymore

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