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What are the seven articles of the Constitution?

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Article I. The Legislative Branch Article II. The Executive Branch Article III. The Judicial Branch Article IV. The States Article V. Amendment Article VI. The United States Article VII. Ratification

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How many articles does the constitution have-?

There are seven Articles in the Constitution. The three parts of the Constitution include the Preamble, the Articles, and the Amendments.

How many articles are there within the constitution?

Ther are seven Articles within the Constitution.

How many Articles and Amendments are in the Constitution?

seven articles and twenty-seven amendments

How many articles in the United States constitution?

There are seven articles in the United States Constitution.

The number of articles in the constitution?


How many Articles were there on the Constitution?


The constitution is divided into seven major sections called what?

Articles because the Constitution has 7 articles.

How many articles were in the the original constitution?

there are seven articles in the original constitution. this does not include any amendments

How many articles and amendments are there in the Constitution?

Seven articles and 27 amendments

Number of articles in the original constitution?


The body of the constitution contains seven what?


How many articles are included in the Constitution?


Which part of the constitution has seven parts?

The Articles have seven parts in the Constitution. the articles has 7 parts not the bill of rights, amendments, or the preamble. if you are doing the abeka school books.... you rock! The articles

What is the main body of the constitution?

The main body of the Constitution are the Amendments.

What are Ten most important articles in the US Constitution?

there are only seven articles in the u.s. constitution. This question makes no sense!!!!!!!!!!

What are the seven titled articles in the US constitution?


What is one of the seven numbered sections of the constitution?


What are the seven numbered sections of the Constitution called?


How many Articlse are ther in the constitution?

Seven Articles and twenty-seven Amendments. Some of the 27 Amendments modify parts of the seven Articles.

When was the articles of Constitution written?

The Constitution originally consisted of a Preamble and seven Articles. It was drafted over a few months in the summer of 1787.

What is the middle part of the constitution called?

The middle part of the Constitution are the seven Articles that follow the Preamble. The Articles of the Constitution provide the structure of the US supreme laws.

The constitution is divided into seven major sections called?


What are the names of the seven major sections the constitution is divided into?


What is Article 9 of the US Constitution?

There is no article 9 of the US Constitution. It only has seven articles.

What constitution that depend USA?

The Constitution of the United States comprises seven articles and is the supreme law

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