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Q: What are the signs a transmission is going out on a Nissan 240SX?
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What are the signs of a transmission filter going bad?

some of the classic signs of a tranny going bad is leaking, slipping in and out of gear delayed starts from a stop where the car raises rpms before it takes off and shaking or jerking when its going into gear

What are signs of auto transmission going?

when my 1992 camaro's transmission went bad it made a whining noise and when the fluid was checked, it was a brown color with flakes of metal in it. the fluid should be red.

What are signs of a bad transmission in a Mazda?

The signs of a bad transmission in a Mazda might include hard shifting or a refusal to shift into certain gears. A revving of the motor during the shift can also be a sign of a bad transmission.

What are the signs of transmission failure?

depends is it standard or automatic

What are signs that the transmission is going on 96 Chevy Cavalier?

If the transmission is slipping (the engine revs up when it shifts), if the transmission shifts late, even under normal acceleration, or if the tansmission simply won't shift, you should get it checked. Also make sure the fluid level is adequate.

Why does car make thump sound when it is in reverse?

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of car parts going bad. A thump sound when a car is in reverse is usually made when the transmission is going bad and shifting incorrectly.?æ

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What are the first signs of transmission problems in most vehicles?

You may feel a jerk in the car when it automatically shifts from one gear to the next; or it may feel like the transmission is 'slipping' or can't catch a gear when accelerating; or it may be difficult to accelerate or drive. All of these are early signs of transmission problems. Transmission problems can be very costly and its worth your time and money to do the recommended maintenance. The first signs of trouble are rough shifting and changing shift points and speeds. You may also have a transmission light for over heating transmission fluid. Take these warning signs seriously.

What are symptoms of a bad transmission control module?

Some of the top signs of a transmission issue would be that the car isn't switching gears or it is noisy when in neutral. Other signs would be that their is a bad smell.

What are the signs that your transmission computer is going bad?

A bad computer could cause several problems. The car may not shift properly. The overdrive might not work. In some models the transmission may stay in forward gears no matter what the selector is set to.

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What would cause a 97 Chevy Silverado to not shift into gear once started?

That is one of the signs that your transmission is going bad. Better have it checked at your local mechanic before it leaves you stranded.

Signs of low transmission fluid?

A sign of low transmission fluid in a vehicle is the gears not shifting properly. Transmission fluid can be checked to determine the level of fluid in the vehicle.

What are the signs of a bad transmission in a 1998 ford expedition?

How to check transmission and discover possible transmission problem when buying a used car.

What are the signs of transmission problems in a 1998 Chevy cavalier?

There are numerous signs of transmission problems. You may have trouble getting the car into gear or it may smell like it's burning. With either of these, you should first check the transmission fluid level while the car is warm and at an idle.

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What are the signs of a bad car transmission?

Your engine will speed up & the car won't go any faster (transmission slipping) Or you can pull the dipstick & smell the transmission fluid if it smells burnt you may have a problem with the transmission.

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What signs will a car have to indicate that transmission needs to be flushed?

transmission oil will be dirty, blckish and more than likely smell like it is burned

What are the signs that a fuel pump on a 1999 Nissan Pathfiner is malfunctioning?

If it runs at all,the signs will be fuel starvation when loading the engine : climbing hills, trying to pass, etc.

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What are signs of transmission failure on a Chevy Blazer?

If the blazer is wheezing, it could be transmission, but if it has 4-wheel drive, check to make sure that the gear is correctly shifted.