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What are the signs that you should run away from a guy?

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If they hit, slap, push and shove you around; threaten to hit you, kick, punch. If they are flirting with other girls or they don't keep dates with you. If they seem to just be around you for sex, but never take you any place. If they don't introduce you to their friends (or family) or don't want to mingle with some of your friends on occasion. If he lies about important things in your life. If he refuses to work if he's not in school or college.

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What do you do if a guy wants to sleep with you?

run away

Should I run away if I see a fox?

No the fox will run away from you.

What do you do if you like a guy and everyone knows?

run away from town

If a rabbit run away will they come back?

If a rabbit runs away it might come back for food but if someone sees it they will pick it up so you should put up missing signs.

What does it mean when a guy doesnt want you to have male friends?

It means you should run away. Because he is a jealous, and insecure insecure control freak.

The guy you like did it with his little sister then told you after you did it what should you do?

Run away as fast as you can. He's obviously a creepo. Go and talk to your parents right away. well actually really depends what age they were. . .

How should you run from an alligator?

zigzag away

Should you run away from your parents?

No you shouldn't.

In Pokemon XD how do you get a shadow Pokemon you knocked out twice?

It should run away again and then eventually the guy w/ the afro will get it back again.Battle him and catch the PKMN.

What should you do if a tsunami comes?

stay away from the beach and get to high groudRun,run,run!!!

What do you do when a girl asks a guy out?

if you like them, go for it! if not, don't be afraid say no and run away

What should you do if you encounter a grizzly bear?

run away

What should you do if you have a first degree burn?

Run away!!!!

What should you do if a bear seems to be attacking you?

Run away!

What should you do if you get bitten by a snake in the out back?

run away

What should you do if Krakatau starts erupting?

you should run away or something like that

Can you run away and be with the guy you love at age 17?

i doubt it wait another year or two

What should we do before during and after an volcanic eruption?

Run as fast as you can through away your baby and run!

What should you not do if one of the warning signs for a tsunami occurs?

Run for higher ground or the tallest building

Should I Runaway?

No, if you want to run away becuase of an abusive household then go to the police and they will protect you, if it is because you are annoyed with life or school, then this is something that everyone has to go through and it will finish eventually, but that does not mean you should run away. Running away is the last thing you should do.

Can a girl tell a guy to propose her and expect yes only when you can afford me a yacht?

Of course. And if the guy does get an answer like this and he doesn't run away as fast as he can, he has to be nuts.

What do you do when im engaged to a woman but shes waiting for her ex feoncee to get out of prison so me and this guy can prove to her who is better should i run?

Yes you should run.

What do you do if you are really close to your guy frien and he says bend over and drop your drawers?

Either do it or run away!

Why is your guy friend acting so weird around you?

He wants you, but doesn't want you to run away. Don't.

The man in the black hat at the mall scared you what should you do?

run away.

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