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What are the skills of a doctor?

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What are special skills and abilities needed to be a doctor?

What special skills and abilities needed to be a doctor?

What kind of skills does a doctor has?

Ninja Skills

What is the skills needed to be a medical doctor?

the skills that you need to become a doctor is a medical degree which you can get at college.

What kind of skills does a doctor have?

doctors have great skills

What skills would you need to be a Gp?

you need good qualifications, i am a qualified doctor and i know all about doctor skills.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a medical Doctor?

medical doctor skills of a sore throat

What scientific skills are required by a doctor?


Are social skills required to be a doctor?


What 4 job skill requirements to be a doctor?

To become a doctor you need the following skills: # Excellent diagnostic skills # Excellent communication skills # Great management skills # Advanced problem solving skills To become a surgeon one needs a fair amount of dexterity as well.

What tranferable skills do you need to possess in order to become a doctor?

Perhaps the most important transferable skills you need to possess in order to become a doctor are learning how to interact with patients. Communication skills are key.

What career skills are needed to become an intensive care doctor?

An intensive care doctor needs to have the skills of a doctor and in addition needs to be able to work under pressure. In school, many science courses are needed.

What are some skills for a doctor?

Memorization, people skills, decision making, steady hands (surgeon).

What skills do you have to work on if you wanted to be a doctor?

You need medical skills...hello, that's pretty obvious!!!!!

What skills and qualities are needed to become a doctor?


What specific skills do you need for your job being a doctor?

well being a doctor is NOT easy... you need to go and study in the medical field, no skills needed just a big brain :)

What are the essential skills needed to be an ER doctor?

The essential skills needed to be an ER doctor include compassion and medical expertise. ER doctors should be able to work with people.

How do you use writing and speaking skills for being a doctor?


What are the special skills for a doctor?

Some doctors are considered specialists for certain things. These doctors have special skills that equip them to be able to care for patients with conditions of these areas. For example, an orthopedic specialist is a doctor that possesses special skills for treating bone injuries.

What skills and abilities are required for being a doctor?

There are many different skills that are very good for a doctor to have. These include dedication, critical thinking, aptitude for science and mathematics, as well as a willingness to work hard.

What skills and aptitudes should you have to be a medical doctor in the Philippines?

health and love

Jntu btech 1year onlie internals?

to improve our skills doctor

What is a career that requires math skills?

=A Accounting doctor chemist dentist=

What jobs require medical skills?


How do you best answer what skills do you want to develop?

i want develop as a medical doctor

What skills do doctors need to become a doctor?

A doctor would need a high level of knowledge, good communication skills, a love for science, a little bit of humility and maybe even a sense of humor.