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What are the sources of electricity?

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Light, water, chemical reaction and magnetism are all basic

sources of electricity.

Water - hydro electric

Uranium - nuclear

Sun - solar

Air - wind

Coal & petrol - fossil fuels

There are only six ways of generating electricity. Some are

referenced in the above example, others are not.

1.. Generator / Alternator: utilizies mechanical energy {a.k.a.

water, fluid, air,

etc} to rotate a mechanical turbine to generate electricity.

2.. Chemical: {a.k.a.} Battery Power. Utilizez different

chemical reactions to

produce electricity.

3.. Pressure: {a.k.a.} piezo electricity uses pressure on an

element, i.e. quartz

to produce electricity.

4.. Photo-voltaic: {a.k.a.} Solar panels

5.. Heat: {a.k.a.} thermocouple; uses two dissimilar metals to



6.. Friction: {a.k.a.} Static Electricity; [created when rubbing

a balloon on your

head, or walking across a carpet and touching something


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