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Soccer, volleyball, Water Polo, Basketball, fencing, ice hockey, and Formula One racing.

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What sports were played in Italy during the 1500s?

the sport that was played in Italy during the 1500's were soccer,

What sports are most commonly played in the Italy?


What sports were played in the 1300s and 1400's in Italy?

they played chickenball

What sports are played in Italy because of the climate?

In in italy they play many sports Running Swimming Football Archery Horseback riding Etcetera

What sports were played in Italy in the 1700s?

javelin soccer and football

What sports are played in summer in Italy?

Most likely soccer.

What sports were played in Italy in the late 1800's?

It was Lacrosse.

What sports are played in Italy?

Soccer (football), basketball, volleyball, and cycling are big sports in Italy. Italy won the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Other sports are swimming, water polo, tennis, fencing, and Formula One racing.

What kind of sports do people play in Milan Italy?

soccer, basketball and ice hockey are the main sports played in milan

What types of sports are there in Italy?

One of the most popular sports in Italy is soccer. Other sports that are popular in Italy include: cycling, tennis, winter sports, and auto racing.

What are some sports played in Italy?

Basketball, Volleyball ,soccer ,water polo and ice hockey

Where was bocce originated?

It is related to sports that were played in Ancient Roman Empire, but was actually developed in Italy.

What sports are played in itlay?

European football (soccer, for Americans) is very popular in Italy, as is car racing.

What sports were invented in Italy?

No sports were invented in Italy, however, they do have strong traditions in: Cycling, Tennis, Athletics, Fencing, Winter Sports and Rugby.

What two sports are most popular in Italy?

The two major sports in Italy are Football (soccer), and Basketball.

What sports do Italy have?


Just regular sports in Italy?

If you are asking if they play regular sports in Italy then yes, they do. The most popular is Soccer.

What kind of sports do they play in Italy?

They play soccer in Italy.

What are the most popular sports in Italy?

they actually call it football in italy.

Most popular sports in Italy?

tennis is quite popular in italy.

What sports are popular in Italy?


What sports does Italy have?

soccer and skiing

What are the popular sports in Italy?


What are the favorite sports of Italy?


Where is sports start in country?


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