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What are the state laws for vehicle repossession in Maryland?

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2009-11-11 23:14:13


I have recently learned that the Department of Finance regulates

collection agencies as well as finance companies. I was

emphatically told that in a vehicle repossession, the towing

company/repo company cannot, repeat, cannot charge a separate

storage fee for your personal belongings. They belong to you. If

you are told that they can charge for the goods, the goods, under

the credit law means the good that can be repossessed under the

loan which is the vehicle or the home, not the personal belongings.

Call your local Consumer Protection agency to get help. I know this

is the law in Maryland for a fact. It took me 30 days, but I am

going to pick up my personal belongings tomorrow and I do not have

to pay a storage fee for them. Tammy/


This is true but you are not getting charged for your personal

property it is for their time to remove it and give it to you. J D

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