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Hate to tell you this, but you have to take the steering column apart. under the horn there's a bolt, but you need a special tool to put it back on... took me about a day and a half to fix it up on mine and now it just needs fixing again... so I just bought a club and hoped nobody found out it wouldn't lock.

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Q: What are the steps in replacing an ignition lock cylinder on a 1990 Cavalier?
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How do you remove the ignition key cylinder on a Chevy Beretta?

According to the Chilton Corsica/Beretta 1988-1996 Manual, there are 21 steps to removing the ignition cylinder (and another 15 - 20 to reinstall it). Not that I don't want to past them all here, but you should get a manual... they're handy to have for any repairs.

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There are many steps that one has to take to hone a cylinder. One must first get a machine to spin the cylinder and then one must bore into the cylinder with a cutting device.

How do you remove the ignition key cylinder from a 2003 Malibu?

First off, before you do anything you will need to make sure the lock cylinder is in the off position. If this is not done, you will need to reprogram the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) after replacing the ignition switch. Next you will need to remove the radio from the dash (you will remove the cylinder through the radio opening). Next, you will need to remove the beauty ring around the keyhole on the dash. Behind this there are 2 bolts. Once you remove the 2 bolts, you will be able to pull it through the backside of the dash and disconnect the 2 plugs and the anti-theft sensor. IF for some reason you are not able to remove the switch in the off position (if its stuck in the on position like mine was), you will need to reprogram the PCM after replacing the ignition switch or it won't start. You can get the steps to do that for your vehicle from your local GM dealer.

How do you replace an ignition switch on a 2003 Nissan Xterra 3.3L AUTOMATIC?

If you are just replacing the switch alone you have to disable the SRS airbags so the don't employ on accident. Then you have to remove the knee and column plastics. Once that is done trace the wires from the key lock cylinder to the electronic ignition switch. Unplug and remove bad switch and reverse order for assembly. If you are replacing the key lock cylinder you have to do the first 2 steps above then drill out the shear head bolts and rmove them with a screw extracter, install new switch with new shear head bolt until the head breaks off and then reverse order for assembly. Hope this helps.

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You did something wrong. -Go back over all steps carefully (preferably with manual) and see where you went wrong.

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Replacing the wheel cylinder is just a couple of extra steps to a 'normal' drum brake job.Disconnect the brake line from the wheel cylinderRemove the 2 mounting boltsBleed the brakesNot sure if the cylinder should be 'primed' with fluid - hopefully the part will come with instructions.See "Related Questions" below for more

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Well you could ram a flat head into the ignition and turn it to the on position then take steps

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Should have bushings in it?

Lost ignition key to 84 Caprice How do you start it?

You should change the key cylinder, it is available from most auto parts stores. The new cylinder will come with a new set of keys and they you'll be fine. Changing the cylinder isn't too hard, I managed it in about an hour when I was 15, you should likely also get a repair manual for the car as it will aid you with diagrams and steps for dis-assembly.

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