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No need to change what you call freeze plugs, (they are actually casting plugs), unless they are leaking. To replace on simply drain the radiator to below the level of the plug. Drive a chisel into the middle of the plug. Pry sideways to remove it. Clean the area throughly. Install the new plug, by inserting it and hitting it dead center with a plastic or brass hammer.

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Is changing the anti-freeze required when changing intake manifold on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 liter engine?

NO it is not. But you do need to change the oil and filter.

What had you freeze the mercury?

The freezing point of mercury is -38,829 0C.

What temperature does mercury freeze?

-38.83 o C is when mercury freezes

How many freeze plugs does the heads of a 350 engine have?

The heads themselves have NO freeze plugs in them. But the block/engine has 8 freeze plugs in it.

How do you prevent engine oil from freezing besides plugging in?

Engine oil is not going to freeze in your engine. It will get very thick but will not freeze.

What two changes of state are involved in freeze-drying?

The two changes of state involved in freeze drying are melting and freezing.

URGENT why do you use mercury in barometers and not water?

At lower temperatures water will freeze and mercury will not.

Why use mercury for a thermometer?

Because it does not freeze or evaporate

Does Mercury freeze?

Yes, mercury (Hg) freezes at about -39 degrees Celsius (-38 Fahrenheit)

How do you make solid Mercury?

You'd have to freeze it - since Mercury metal is liquid at room temperature.

Can you run an engine with freeze plug out?

With the freeze plug out it will be impossible to keep water and coolant in the engine as it will all leak out through the freeze plug hole. The engine will over heat and self destruct after a while.

What would happen if someone landed on the planet mercury?

You would probably either freeze to death or burn to death. The temperatures are constantly changing. It can sometimes range from -200 to 800 degrees (Fahrenheit)

Where are the freeze plugs on a 2002 Chrysler town and country?

There are freeze plugs on the front, rear, and transmission side of the engine block.There are freeze plugs on the front, rear, and transmission side of the engine block.

What temerature does mercury freeze?

-38.83°c (-37.89°f)

Would a human freeze on Mercury?

On the night side, yes.

Are there freeze plugs on the radiator on a 2001 dodge Dakota?

No, the freeze plugs are on the engine.

Are there freeze plugs in the heads of a 302 ford engine?

No, they are in the engine block, not in the heads. Freeze plugs are a misnomer. They are actually casting plugs.

Where is the Location of freeze plugs in a 1988 5.7L gm motor?

There are four freeze plugs on a 1988 5.7 liter General Motors engine. There are to freeze plugs on each side of the engine.

Freeze plugs on a 96 lumina?

Freeze plugs in a 96 Lumina are located at several places on the engine block. They are designed to expand and burst in a freeze instead of the engine being damaged.

Freeze plug location on 1998 Ford Taurus?

The freeze plug on a 1998 Ford Taurus is located on the front of the engine block. It prevents the engine from cracking should the coolant freeze.

Would you use alcohol or mercury in a thermometer at the north pole?

AnswerYou would have to use mercury. Alcohol would freeze.

What temperature must a deep freeze be to solidify mercury?

The temperature that mercury needs to be to solidify is -38.02 degrees fahrenheit.

Is there any chemical way to keep mercury below its freezing point for storage?

It is not necessary to freeze mercury for storage.

What is the bioling point of the element mercury?

The boiling point for the element Mercury is 674.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Mercury can also freeze and melt at different temperatures.

Engine smells sweet?

Anti-freeze is leaking in to or on to hot engine.