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I just replaced the passengers side mirror, and the drivers should be the same. The whole unit will have to be replaced, as I tried to find somewhere that just handled the glass, with no avail.When you receive the replacement you will be get a better idea of some of the things I will talk about.(3) torx head screws secure it to the door ( mine had (2) SIZE 30T and (1) 25T.When you open the door, you will see the bottom screw, the other (2) are located behind a face plate on the upper portion. This face plate will have to be pried off carefully.You will have to unplug it electricly, a small panel will make it accessible Everything is done from the outside of the vehicle. The bottom left torq screw is accessable after you open the door. The upper left torq, I had to bend back the mirror, toward the front of vehicle, in order to access this one. All three (3) torq screws on my 2003 CSX were 30T's. Also when pulling out the cable, with connector, it was taped inside the door frame and I had to drop the glove box door and pull from underneath to free up.

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Q: What are the steps to replace a driver side mirror for a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport?
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