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What are the symptoms of a bad intake manifold?


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Don't generally see an intake manifold go bad, it is usually the intake manifold gaskets that go bad in which case you may see engine coolant leaking out in the corners or worse case leaking into the engine and mixing with the oil.

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If it is leaking from a bad head gasket, it is because of a bad head gasket. If it is leaking from a bad intake manifold gasket, it is because of a bad intake manifold gasket.

A bad intake manifold or manifold gasket can cause water to leak into the oil. Some newer cars have plastic manifolds and they will crack from age.

Intake manifold leaks will cause the engine to idle rough and get poor fuel economy. An exhaust manifold will have no symptoms other than the sound of the leak.

Normal cause is the intake manifold itself.Normal cause is the intake manifold itself.

Yes. Antifreeze is actually pumped through the intake manifold. If the gasket is bad it is possible that it leaks out

You will feel a miss at idle and the idle speed may be erratic. Try retorquing the intake manifold bolts, working from the center out in the recommended tightening sequence. If that fails, the intake manifold will have to be removed and the intake gaskets replaced.

diferential pressure sensor intake manifold plausibility

The only fix for a bad intake gasket is to remove the intake manifold and replace the gasket.

What engine? and ensure it is a bad gasket, not an intake plentum.

underneath the intake manifold! (Bad design)

between the head and intake manifold

Between the intake manifold and the cylinder head.

Under the intake manifold. where is the intake manifold!

the intake manifold is what takes air coming from the intake and directs it to each intake valve in each cylinder

To remove the intake manifold on the eclipse it is important to firstly remove the air intake, breather hose and the sensor at the top of the manifold. The battery should also be removed to remove the intake manifold on an eclipse.

Yes, you must install a new intake manifold gasket.

The exhaust intake manifold is held in place with 10 retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts and the intake manifold will come off.

Assuming this is a 4.3L engine, the upper intake manifold gasket would be between the upper intake manifold and the lower intake manifold.

If is oil then you have a bad intake manifold gasket. If it is transmission fluid then the cooling tank in the radiator is bad.

Yes. If an intake manifold gasket was not installed properly or has somehow become damaged the engine will pull air through the opening.

It can if it is leaking coolant into engine or out side of engine.

Yes it can but the intake is probably the bad guy. General Motors had alot of problems with them.

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