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What are the symptoms of a bad starter in a dodge neon?


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The starter will quit engaging in the motor. Sometime if u bump the key it will work.


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Because the old one is bad and does not start the car.

It is possible that the dome light needs to be replaced on the Dodge Neon if the odometer is flashing the word fuse. If the car is also not starting this could be caused by a bad starter or bad battery.

one of a few things your starter could be bad bad starter relay bad starter selenoid bad ignition switch

No start, no compression.

a whirring noise coming from the starter

The 1998 Dodge Neon does not have a relay. It does have a blower motor resistor that could be bad.

Check for: weak battery Loose or corroded battery cables Loose wire on starter Bad starter Bad starter solenoid Bad neutral safety switch

Turn the key to start and if nothing happens could be a bad starter.

bad plugs or wires, bad coil pack, fuel injector not spraying. bad gas

Vibration, Clunking noise, starter not working correctly.

if your starter is clicking when u turn it over- that's a good sign.

If a starter relay or solenoid is bad, usually you will only hear a single click when you turn the key to start the engine.

Age, overuse, bad voltage from the battery

No, the computer needs that sensor to know crank timing.

Not knowing what symptoms were happening before this car quit running, I can only offer really generic things as possible causes for not wanting to start up: * No gas in the tank * Bad starter motor * Dead battery * No spark * Voltage regulator problems * EFI problems (not enough fuel pressure) * Fuel pump fault * Bad ignition switch

turn key to on, did you hear it kick on, check for pressure at the rail, does the car start if so maybe a bad regulator. is the pump running louder than normal maybe ready to give out.

fan relay, bad connection at wiring harness, bad fan, bad coolant sensor, bad electrical ground, likely causes

Low battery (bad battery or alternator) or bad starter, most likely.

What do you mean it wont do anything... will the engine turn over... is the battery good... if the battery good and the engine wont turn over as if its not receiving power to the starter then it might be a bad starter or bad starter solenoid.

dodge neon is known for a bad head gasket have your machanic check this out radiator needs cleaned out

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