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What are the three major cities of Illinois?


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The three major cities of Illinois are Chicago, Aurora, and Rockford.


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Chicago, Springfield and Bloomington.

The three largest cities in Illinois are..ChicagoAuroraRockford

Two major cities are Chicago and Bloomington.

Three major cities in Arizona are: Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale.

Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich are three major cities in Germany.

Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are the three major cities in Spain.

The three major cities are Portmoe, Kingston and Montego Bay.

One of the three major cities in Argentina is Buenos Aires, this is the capital city. The other two major cities are Medoza, and Rosario.

Three major cities are Raleigh, Charlotte, and Durham.

# Chicago # Aurora # Rockford # Joliet # Naperville.

Chicago, Naperville, Rockford

Atlanta, Savannah are 2 major cities in GA

Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are the three major cities in Spain

Songhai's three major cities are Timbuktu,Jenne, and Gao.

Brazzaville, Kinshasa, and Kisangani are three major cities on the Congo River.

Three major cities is "las tres ciudades mas grandes/importantes"

Illinois has had three state capitals: Vandalia, Kaskaskia, & Springfield.

Three Major cities of Utah are: - Park City - Salt lake city - Ogden and Provo is a major city too

the three major cities in Italy are Roma, Milano, and Napoli

Three major cities in Alabama are Montgomery, Birmingham and Mobile.

The Hudson Bay Lowlands has several cities and towns. The three major cities are Fort Albany, Winisk, and also Peawanuch.

The three largest cities in Ohio are Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati

The capital of Illinois is Springfield; other towns are Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet.

Three major cities in New York State are: New York City, Syracuse, and Buffalo.

The three (3) major or principal cities, or largest cities in Maryland by population, are as follows: (1) Baltimore (2) Columbia (3) Germantown

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