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What are the timing specs for a 1990 Toyota Corolla 1.6 straight stick 2 wheel drive?


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2015-07-17 17:49:59
2015-07-17 17:49:59

I believe you'll find it on the emission label that is under the hood - should either be attached on underside of hood, or on radiator support, or somewhere readily visible when you open the hood (EPA requires the readily visible part). You'll also find spark plug gap information there.

10 degrees before top dead center. But this assumes certain conditions. For a 4AFE engine, idle speed is set o 700 rpm. For a 4AGE engine, idle speed is set to 800 rpm. (Set the speed when the engine is warmed up but the radiator fan is not running. Look for pictures of these engines on if you aren't sure which engine you have. Both are 1.6 ) This timing also assumes you have connected a wire between two terminals (tabs) of the "check connector". This connector is a black plastic box in the vicinity of the battery, smaller than the fusebox. On the inside of its lid the names of the various terminals in the box is given. The "T1" and "E1" terminals should be connected while you are timing. This will cause the "check engine" light to come on. Don't be alarmed if you find white gunk in this box. It is probably just "tune up grease" or dielelctric grease. I think its best not to leave big gobs of it in the box. "Wipe off the excess", as the saying goes.

I use a paper clip bent into a "U" shape to jumper or connect the T1 and E1 terminals together mentioned in the answer above. When the T1 and E1 terminals are jumpered it stops the ECU from adjusting the timing so you can set the timing to what is called "base timing". Don't worry about getting electrocuted or shocked by the paper clip.


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I asked someone at Lancaster Toyota in Lancaster PA about when to change the timing belt in my 2006 Corolla, and at first he said 90,000 miles, then paused, looked it up, and said that the 2006 Corolla has a timing chain, so it will not have to be changed.Since I drive a 2006 Corolla, I intend to corroborate that, since I have a lot at stake. But, I thought I would share this preliminary data.I also just called Bobby Rahal Toyota and they told me it has a non-serviceable chain for the timing belt. I have a Toyota Corolla 2006.

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