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65 ft./lbs. for the inner, 70 for the outer. If it's 2-bolt mains, 65 ft./lbs.

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What are the torque specs for a Honda Civic 1.6 main bearings?

The main bearing torque specifications, for your Honda Civic 1.6 liter engine, is 160 pounds. The main bearing bolts should be torqued in 40 pound intervals.

What is the torque specs on main bearing cap and connecting rod bolts for c12 caterpillar engines?

The connecting rod torque specifications, on a C 12 Caterpillar diesel engine, is 70 pounds per square inch. The main bearing torque specifications is 150 pounds per square inch.

What are the torque specs for a Chevy 350- 4 bolt main engine?

which bolts are you talking about? every different size bolt has a different torque spec.

What are the torque specs for main bearings on a 2003 Chevy trailblazer with 4.2 engine?

Specs for main bearings on a 2003 Chevy trailblazer with 4.2 engine .

How do you tell if 350 has a four bolt main?

Pull the oil pan off and count the bolts in the main caps, 2 bolt main engines only have 2 bolts holding the main caps to the engine block. 4 bolt main engines have 4 bolts holding the main caps on.MAIN CAPS IS WHAT HOLDS THE CRANKSHAFT IN THE ENGINE BLOCK.

What is the required torque for a 1985 Chevy 366 motor for the main and rod bearings?

To what torque should the rod and main bearings of a 1977 366 GMC truck engine be tightened? The rods have 3/8" bolts and it has 4 bolt mains with 1/2" bolts.

How do you tell a 4 bolt main Chevy 350?

The main bearing caps will have four ( 4 ) bolts instead of two ( 2 ) they will be side by side. A four bolt 350 engine is more common in the bigger truck series ?

Does a 1992 Chevy k1500 pickup have a 2 or 4 bolt main?

If it's the factory engine, then it will be a 2-bolt main engine.

What is the torque specs of a Toyota corolla 1.3L 2E engine?

There are torque specifications for every bolt in a Toyota Corolla 1.3 L engine. The head bolt torque specifications is 70 pounds.

What are the torque specs for C-15 cat rod and main bearings?

The Caterpillar C15 diesel engine torque specifications for the rod bearings is 35 pounds. The main bearing torque specifications is 350 pounds.

Was the engine in the chevy k5 blazer a four bolt main?


What are the main specifications of the Mitsubishi Grandis?

The Mitsubishi Grandis has quite a number of various specifications that are worth mentioning. Some of these are a 2378 cc engine capacity and a 4-speed transmission.

How do you tell if a Chevy V8 is a 2 bolt or 4 bold just by looking at it?

You CAN't, unless you remove the oil pan and count the main cap bolts. If it is not a 4-bolt main it will only have 2 bolts per main cap.

How many bolts hold a starter on a 1988 Chevy cavalier?

In general for GM products there are two main mounting bolts and rear brackets on some models. There is also the main hot wire and ignition wire.

What are the torque specifications for a 1996 Dodge Intrepid main barring cap bolts?

The 1996 Dodge Intrepid main bearing torque specification is 180 pounds. The main bearings should be torqued in 60 pound intervals.

What do the main bolts torq to on a 350 Chevy?

65 ft./lbs. inner. 70 ft./lbs. outer.

How do you replace the rear engine main seal in a 1999 Chevy Tracker 4 wheel drive?

Pull the engine.

What is 6 bolt main 350?

It is a small block Chevy 350 engine with 6 bolt main caps.

How do you change the rear main seal on a 2001 Chevy Tahoe 4WD SUV?

The engine rear main seal can only be replaced with the engine or transmission out of the vehicle.

What are the torque specs for a 235 Chevy?


Is a rebuild kit for 350 engine same for 2 bolt main as a 4 bolt main?

no cause a 4 bolt main has 2 extra bolts on each main

How do you change an AC compressor on a 1990 Chevy G-20 van with a 350 engine?

The compressor should be removed with the bracket that holds it and then removed from the bracket once out of the engine bay. There is a small bracket that mounts on the front underside of the clutch that needs to be removed first (two bolts and one stud) then four bolts and one stud for the main compressor bracket.

What are the torque specs for rod cap bolts on a 3.7 jeep engine?

Torque specs for main bearing

Is there a difference in main journal size between the Chevy 350 and 400 engine?


What do you torque the main bearings down to in a 1991 Chevy 350 2 bolt main engine to?

70 ft lbs