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What are the uses of cow?

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October 06, 2010 4:44AM

Every product from cow is useful. If you talk in terms of input

and output, cow takes grass and gives many useful products. So

most efficient natural machine blessed to us.

Cow is the only animal whose dung doesn't stink and

rather gives good smell. We can generate energy from its

manure. Its manure is used as a natural fertilizer. Also

cows dung acts as mosquito repellent, concept used in Indian

Villages. Smelling cows dung gives convenient normal delivery to a

pregnant. Cow's urine has many nutrients and minerals.

Cow's Ghee made food items stay for long months as it has

preservative nature. It give dairy products which are less

fat contained and good for health. Dairy products from cow

generates no cholesterol.

According to "Vedas" Cow is the only animal made by

maharishi's and not by Brahma and worshiped by Hindus. They

believe that there is no other bigger sin than killing a


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